Country house in Melbourne: black and white interior

Modern, but at the same time filled with tradition house with interiors in black and white colors built in Australian Melbourne. Despite the strict color scheme, it can not be called boring. First, black and white are diluted with gray and very expressive shades of steel and silver. To the gray color in the design of rooms in a country house selected the "right" companions, due to which it looks very advantageous.

Modern design of a small private house in the forest

To admire the view from the window in any weather - that was his main desire, and the designers went forward: one of the walls of the house, facing the lake, was made completely glass. This wall-window makes it possible to observe the lake all year round, without paying attention to the vagaries of the weather. In the forest there should be no buildings too evolving from the environment - this is how the owner decided.

Decoupage cracker plate

To do the decoupage of the craquelure plate yourself, you will need: an ordinary plate of the required size and shape; flat brushes; decoupage card or regular napkin with a pattern; PVA glue or special decoupage glue; shellac - varnish on alcohol; gum arabic - for cracks; varnish; degreasing solvent; a piece of foam rubber (you can use sponges for washing dishes); acrylic paint; oil paint (dark).

Designer Home Stuff

The house is beautiful, clean, made fresh repair, has all the necessary appliances and furniture, but still something is missing. Coziness! So, it's time to get some design things for interior decoration, which are interesting to watch. They can be bought in the online store, kiosk, on the market, but it is easier to do every thing with your own hand - it is fashionable and not expensive.

Parquet in the interior: types, choice of color, ways of laying, 70 photos

The photo shows the laying of the herringbone in a dark color under the style of the overall interior. Due to the large amount of daylight, the room does not seem gloomy. Advantages and disadvantages Advertising The advantages of parquet on the floor: Durability and ease of care (a guarantee of preserving its appearance for up to a hundred years with proper care without abrasive products); The apartment acquires a new meaning (the house with parquet is valued higher); Versatility (wooden floor is suitable for any interior, it is easy to repaint); Natural wood that does not accumulate static energy.