The interior of a wooden house of logs in the suburbs

The house was surrounded on all sides by a large terrace, made of wood, resistant to moisture - larch. For security, fences are made, almost imperceptible, for they are glass. To the right of the entrance is a street bathroom, it is also made of logs. Behind the house is a real spa center - a swimming pool and a bath with hydromassage, where it is so nice to plunge after visiting the Russian bath.

Making soft ottoman with your own hands

It is not necessary to go to the store for a chair or chair, if your interior does not have enough seating. You yourself can take care of creating the original piece of furniture, for example, create soft ottomans with your own hands. They are comfortable to sit in front of the TV or lie down to read a book. How to sew an ottoman with your own hands, we will tell in our article.

DIY Witch Hat

What kind of Halloween masquerade does without the charming witch? And what a sorceress without a symbolic outfit: a pointed hat, a broom under his arm and a strict fitting dress to the floor? Witches have long been habitues of Halloween parties. The image of an evil sorceress is really many-sided: it can be a gray-haired old woman with a hooked nose, a charming young sorceress with a fervent look and even a very little naughty girl.