Features of houses in the style of minimalism

The history of minimalism in architecture has only about half a century. As a style, minimalism is intended to expose the essence of the object through its succinct embodiment. As is clear from the name “minimalism” - this is all at a minimum, minimum lines, minimum color gamut, minimum details. The only thing in this style maximum is the space and light.

Interior design of the house from a bar

The trend towards suburban construction of houses from environmentally friendly materials is victoriously marching around the world, and Russia is no exception. Many private buildings are built of wood, and therefore there is a need for interior designers to find new solutions, for example for the design of houses from glued laminated timber.

Paper Decor: Ideas and Workshops

Sometimes you just need to revive the interior and at the same time fit into a couple of days. Usually such training is associated with the upcoming holidays. Some go to the store to buy unusual things, while others make jewelry with their own hands, turning the whole process into a fun game, to which you can connect all home.

Soft panels for walls do it yourself

Virtually any piece of furniture can be changed to make it bright and eye-catching with the help of such decoration. Especially well look soft panels at the head of the bed. In the manufacture of soft wall panels with your own hands, your imagination is not limited. For their design, you can use brass wallpaper nails (for example, leather panels with “carriage” upholstery with such nails look very impressive), buttons sewn on top and forming various patterns.