House on a cliff overlooking the ocean

The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: it seems to be “slipping” from the slope, clinging at different levels for uneven terrain. So that the house really did not slide down, it was necessary to strengthen the foundation with the help of powerful supports hammered into the rock. The view from this unusual house with an ocean view opens in different directions and is striking in its picturesqueness: lying in the bedroom, you can admire the continuous movement of the waves, sitting in the living room, overlooking the rocks on the coast.

Design of a small residential building in the USA

The residential building is small and made of wood. From the windows there are magnificent views of the river valley and the lush forest. The sun penetrates into the living quarters, there are amazing views on the horizon, and all this is due to the good location of the building site. Particular attention in the design of a small residential building was paid to the distribution of the main residential areas.

Lampshade decor - do-it-yourself home decoration ideas and ideas

Decorating the lampshade will help to create in the house a unique atmosphere of comfort. In addition, it will help give old things a new life. You do not need to throw out outdated lamps and lamps, but it is worth showing a little imagination to create a completely new designer thing. Decor lamps can be made from improvised means, creating a lamp that will harmoniously complement the interior of the room.