Interior design with corner bath

A bath in our modern homes is not a luxury, but a necessity, therefore, even in the smallest apartments, architects are looking for an opportunity to place this necessary object.

Unfortunately, the area of ​​premises allocated for its installation is usually small, so designers, as a rule, create interiors with corner bath - it saves space and allows you to use the space to the maximum. Refusal from the usual form of the bathroom provides ample opportunities in the design of bathrooms and allows you to implement interesting design ideas.

Size and shape

One of the main advantages design with corner bath - the ability to put a volumetric and convenient to use bowl, even in a small area due to the fact that these baths are available in various sizes and shapes.

For example, the dimensions start at 150 and can reach 180 cm, and the shape of the bowl itself is either symmetrical (with equal sides of the “angle”) or has different sides (150x170, 110x160 and other options).

When planning interior with corner bath it is necessary to begin with determining the place where it will be installed and the maximum possible size. After that, the choice of the desired model is no longer difficult.Corner bath design varies widely: they can be of different colors, designs, have extras, and look completely different, which allows you to fit them into almost any interior.


Baths, including the corner ones, are made from a variety of materials. It can be both traditional steel and cast iron, as well as more modern acrylics, quarries, as well as expensive and exotic marble and even wood. When planning interior corner bath rooms should immediately be considered as the material of the bathroom itself will be combined with other finishing materials in this room.


The simplest option for a corner bath is a solid cast, you cannot install additional equipment. The options are more difficult to provide technological holes for picking nozzles connected to a whirlpool or water massage system.


The corner bath, in accordance with its design, is located on both sides of the “corner” tightly against the walls of the room, and only one side, called the front panel, is accessible for review. AT corner bath design This panel plays a leading role.

There are various options for its design:
  • plastic panels from the manufacturer;

  • tiling, mosaic;

  • opening panels of moisture-resistant material (make it possible to use the space under the bathroom to store the necessary details);

  • the creation of a podium to facilitate entry into the bathroom (used only in large bathrooms).

Watch the video: Bathroom Designs With Corner Bath And Shower (April 2020).

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