Bathroom design in orange color

Among the colors popular in the decoration of apartments, orange does not appear. Indeed, a large room painted in this active, “sunny” color, for example, will have a very exciting effect.

Another thing - small rooms. For example, bathroom in orange color able to charge in the morning positive for the whole day. She will help to wake up the “dormouse”, and will set the optimistic attitude to the most notorious melancholic.

Orange bathroom design can be very stylish, unusual, memorable, and allow you to fully express your individuality, as well as show an original approach to solving the problem of decorating an apartment.

Usually for clearance bathroom in orange color Solved non-standard, creative nature. This is the color of youth, activity, energy. It can be used as a base, or as an additional in various decorative elements.

Orange bathroom design allows for different shades of the primary color, its combinations with white, and also allows for small inclusions of dark tones. Since orange itself is very active, you should not use more than two or three color combinations. For example, in bathroom in orange color white ceiling and wooden furniture, accessories in gold or metallic shades will be appropriate.

If you hesitate to use in orange bathroom design This is the main color - make bright orange stripes on a white background, put an orange pattern along the bathroom, use the tiles of this sunlight to zone the bathroom.

You can completely abandon the tiles - to decorate the walls easier and cheaper moisture-resistant panels. In addition, these panels can be painted in any shade, what you just want, and very accurately select the desired shade. A very interesting solution is the stretch ceiling, it can be made “sunny” - bright orange.

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