Modern design of a small bathroom: the best photos and ideas

In the design of small bathrooms an important point - the correct decoration of the room. It is rather difficult to place on a modest area everything that is necessary for a comfortable life for a modern person, it would seem, there is no reason to think about beauty and comfort. However, there are simple design techniques that will help make the sanitary room not only comfortable, but also comfortable.

Design of a small bathroom: we increase the space

There are several general rules for the design of small rooms. With their observance, even the smallest room will look much more spacious and bright. Do not neglect these rules when creating the interior of a home bathroom.

  • Use for finishing light colors. In the design of a small bathroom, bright and too dark colors can only be used as an accent.
  • Use mirrors - they can visually double the size of a small bathroom. In this case, do not hang mirrors opposite each other in order not to create the effect of a “tunnel” - it is better if one wall is mirrored, or two walls converging at a right angle.
  • Use glossy surfaces in the design of the bathroom - they create a game of reflections, which complicate the interior and add light to it. For example, a stretch glossy ceiling would be appropriate.
  • Provide good lighting - the brighter the room, the more it seems. In a small bathroom, ceiling spotlights are mandatory and additional sources of light are desirable.
  • Partitions and even separate parts of glass furniture "dissolve" in the air and make the space larger.
  • Furniture should be small, and it should be multifunctional, so as not to "eat" the area of ​​an already small bathroom.
  • Think about putting a shower instead of a standard bath - it will be much more spacious in a small room.

In addition, in the design of the bathroom of a small size, you can use other "little tricks", for example, install a washbasin on a long tabletop, some of which will go to the space above the bathroom. In this case, the table top can be used to store shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and other items needed for bathing.

Important: Do not forget that the corners can be used efficiently. Corner bath or shower occupy much less space than the usual straight, in addition, in the corner you can put a sink, hang special "corner" shelves.

Remember that hanging plumbing facilitates not only cleaning, but also the visual perception of a small room.

Tile in the modern design of a small bathroom: the right choice

  • Colour

According to the basic rules for finishing small spaces, tiles should have light colors. Do not forget that cool shades (blue, turquoise) visually "push" the walls, and the small room seems larger. Warm tones, on the contrary, “bring closer” the walls to the viewer, which reduces the room.

  • The size

The best design option is a small tile. The large format will immediately make the room quite small, and may even disrupt the proportions. Part of the walls can be laid out mosaic.

There is a general rule: it is not the size of each tile that impresses a person, but their total number, which he evaluates by eye, by the number of interlayer joints. The more of them - the more space according to the psychological perception of space.

  • Texture

In the design of a small bathroom from large images, popular in recent years, 3D-design, shiny rhinestones should be abandoned. Keep the rule "the simpler the better." It is even better if the finishing material is of natural origin or classical texture. Traditional hog tile, calm ornament, tile for natural materials such as marble, or natural travertine is a great choice for a compact bathroom.

The use of wooden surfaces or tiles "under the tree" ennobles the design of any room, including plumbing. It is also possible to tile with a small pattern, while it is better that it was directed vertically. Mirror tile in the design of the bathroom will help to give "extra volume" and looks very aesthetically pleasing, although it requires more sophisticated care.

  • Piling

In the design of a small bathroom, avoid dividing the walls horizontally. It is better to direct colored or ornamented stripes from the floor to the ceiling, highlighting, for example, a toilet installation area or a “wet” area. You should not lay out large patterns - it will visually reduce the small bathroom.

Important: The design of glossy surfaces have a mirror effect, so their use in small rooms is welcome.

Design of a small bathroom with a toilet: choose furniture

The principle of minimalism, according to which small rooms are designed, says: furniture should be as small as possible, and it should be multifunctional. Even better, one and the same piece of furniture can simultaneously perform several functions.

  • Cabinet furniture

The usual "column" cabinets should give way to built-in storage systems, light racks, and niches. Storage systems can be closed by doors, and can be open. For furniture design, light tone or natural wood color is preferred.

Important: If storage systems are equipped with glass or mirrored doors, a small room will appear more spacious. In this case, labor costs for cleaning increase.

  • Laundry basket

This is an essential element of bathroom equipment, which, in addition to its purely utilitarian function, can also serve as a decorative element in the design of a room. However, in the small bathrooms, such a basket takes up a lot of space, and can over-pull itself on too much attention. Therefore, it is better if it is removed into the pantry, or "merge" with the overall design of the walls. A place for a small laundry basket can be envisaged in the built-in storage system, you can also hide a washing machine there.

  • Mirror

In bathroom design, small-sized mirrors are essential. They not only provide comfort when performing hygienic procedures, but also affect the perception of the size of a small room, increasing it at times. The choice is to stop in a simple mirror, the more it is - the better. A small cabinet with mirrored doors above the sink is inappropriate - it drastically reduces the volume of the room. A more radical design option is the mirror wall behind the washbasin.

Design of a small bathroom: styling concept

Minimalism is the style that can be considered the most appropriate for the design of a small bathroom. Its main principles are: light colors in the design, using only the most necessary furniture and a minimum of decorative elements. The size of bathroom furniture should be small.

Additional elements in the design of the bathroom, such as soap dishes, holders of toilet paper and toothbrushes, bottles with liquid detergents should not stand out from the general color gamut. As a decor, you can use live plants, small paintings or sea shells.

Compact bathroom: standard bath

Bath - the most bulky item in the plumbing room. As a rule, it completely occupies one of the walls. If you like to take a bath and cannot imagine how to do without it, consider replacing a standard bath bowl with a corner or compact bath. This will help to save the scarce space and put a small washing machine or a storage system in place.

Compact bathroom: shower

To save vital space, consider replacing the bathtub with a shower. This will not only visually, but also really increase the free space of a small bathroom, and provide an opportunity to equip it most efficiently. If the size of a bowl of a usual bathroom starts from 170 cm, then the size of a small shower cabin (minimum) is only 70 cm. Those who think that it is impossible to do without a bath can choose a model of a shower cabin with a sitting bathtub below.

Important: In a small bathroom the best solution would be to install a shower cabin with transparent doors, it will not clutter the room. The cleaner and more transparent the glass door - the stronger the effect of the visual "dissolution" of the cabin in space.

Designers consider shower cabins to be an ideal option for placement in small-sized bathrooms. Preference should be given to small corner models - they take up less space and with the same dimensions are more functional and convenient to use.

The main advantages of shower cabins over traditional bathrooms:

  • Significantly saves space;
  • Water resources and financial resources of the family are being saved, as when washing in the shower water consumption is much less than when washing in a bath.
  • The shower cabin can be equipped with a hydromassage device, which increases the comfort of use and has a positive effect on your well-being;
  • The design of the bathroom looks more modern and stylish.

Important: It is not necessary to turn a small bathroom into a warehouse, the place freed up after the installation of the shower cabin is best not to occupy anything, if there is such an opportunity. Follow the laws of ergonomics, and place only necessary items in the bathroom. For example, a washing machine can be installed in the pantry, if available in the apartment.


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