Tile shower: types, tile layouts, design, color, photo in bathroom

A tile shower is a traditional solution that provides not only comfortable conditions for water treatment, but also forms a rather aesthetic and elegant design, both in a city apartment and in a country house.

Which type of tile is best to choose?

Finishing should be different not only beautiful performance, but also meet certain requirements, have high water-repellent properties, resistance to chemical agents, good strength properties and waterproofing, in the form of special mixes for grout, preventing the appearance of fungus and mold.

Photo tile shower tray

Floor clinker tiles for homemade shower podium is selected taking into account the frequent and prolonged contact with water. For cladding products are used that have a raised or rough surface and a high index of slip resistance, which is less traumatic.

The most common design is in the form of a dense, durable, durable and moisture-resistant porcelain stoneware or quartz vinyl finish. Such designs can have a rectangular, square, rounded shape, be open type without a roof or closed type with a podium, walls and ceiling base. A pallet with a side can have a different height, be deep enough and perfectly perform the functions of a bath, which is especially suitable for those who, for example, need to bathe a child.

The photo shows the bathroom and open shower room with a square-shaped tile.

When making a pallet, a mosaic is also often used, which not only copes easily with the lining of various shapes, but also due to the large number of tile joints and joints, the surface is not slippery.

Seat decoration tiles

Comfortable and comfortable steps or chairs integrated into the wall are most often decorated with small tiles or mosaic, most suitable for curved and curved lines.

Examples of facing the shelves and niches in the shower

Thanks to the finishing of built-in niches and shelves in the shower room, it turns out to create truly elegant accents in the interior. For example, you can use dark-colored tiles and thus give the niches a visual depth, or choose a contrasting design for the shelves and make them even more decorative.

The photo shows a shower with niches, decorated with a dark mosaic.

How to decorate a shower cabin without a pallet tiles?

In this case, they use a lining that contrasts with the overall design of the room, thereby highlighting the shower area or using a single-type large-format tile suitable for a floor without height differences. Thus it turns out to visually enlarge the space and give it a very solid look.

When arranging this cabin, the main requirement is a sufficient height of the room, since, due to the fact that the shower drain and pipe draining water into the sewage system, must be located below the floor level, with the help of a concrete tie it is necessary to raise the floor and tilt towards the drain .

In the photo, the toilet combined with the bathroom and the shower without a pan with a glass door, lined with tiles.

Tile layout options

The classic option for laying tile hog, is a horizontal location with an offset. To create a non-banal design, you can apply a more complex, but at the same time quite original layout with vertical rows or a Christmas tree. It is also very laborious to lay tiled products on a diagonal, allowing to visually expand the space.

In the photo, a gray piglet tile with a horizontal layout with an offset in the shower.

Color range of tiles

The choice of color solution directly depends on the dimensions of the room and on its functional planning features. Beige, white, black, gray, green, blue, brown or any other tiled finish in color, taking into account all the spatial nuances, can harmoniously complement any design.

The photo shows a bathroom with a shower, decorated with gray square tiles.

When using light shades, not predominantly white, it is possible to visually expand the shower and increase in volume. A more unique and unique design, as well as the elimination of minor surface defects, can be achieved by alternating tiled products of different colors.

Shower design options

Several original options.

The combination of tile and mosaic

This combination allows you to create a really interesting finish shower. With the addition of such a characteristic touch as a mosaic, the situation acquires a more thoughtful and complete look.

The photo shows a beige tiled finish in combination with a multi-colored mosaic in the open-type shower.

Under the tree

Outwardly, it completely conveys the surface of natural wood, while having all the predominant qualities of ceramic tiles.

Under the stone

Thanks to special technologies, ceramics is distinguished even by the smallest irregularities, graceful fractures, cracks and overflows, characteristic of stone rocks.

In the photo there is a small tile shower with imitation of marble in the bathroom.

Under concrete

Visually and aesthetically, the room with this facing gets a more powerful and reliable look.

Fish scales

Due to the beauty of fish scales, which has soft modulations, it turns out to visually endow space with additional volume.

On the photo is a bathroom with an open shower without a pan, decorated with turquoise tiles in the form of fish scales.


Not afraid of moisture and therefore equally well suited for finishing the shower in the apartment, and for the design of a summer shower in the country. Large pebbles will add to the atmosphere the mood of this sea coast.

With an image

A large image that occupies the entire plane or small patterns, repeated several times, is an excellent solution to diversify and revitalize the monotonous design.

In the photo there is a bathroom and a small shower room with white tiles decorated with drawings.

Ideas for shower enclosures in various styles

With proper decoration of the shower, you can create a truly beautiful design for any interior direction, such as loft, Provence, country, classical or modern style.

For example, for modern style apply a laconic finish in the basic and neutral colors, which are sometimes supplemented with bright elements. For Provence, fragmentary use of mosaic or patchwork tiles in patchwork style is chosen, and in the urban loft they use not less organic hog tiles or cladding with imitation of aged surfaces and building materials.

The photo shows a shower of tiles, a hog of gray color in the interior of the bathroom in the loft style.

Features of finishing tiles small shower

In a small shower room, it is most appropriate to use medium-sized pottery without unnecessary patterns and drawings. When laying out for walls, you can apply a horizontal arrangement, visually widening the space or a vertical installation, raising the ceiling. On the floor to increase the area, you can use a square or rectangular tile, laid out diagonally.

Photo Gallery

A shower tile should have an unobtrusive, harmonious and cozy decor, be different in functionality, beautiful appearance and represent a truly comfortable place of relaxation.

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