The design of the living room in the style of pop art

The peculiarity of pop art style in its ambiguity. A simple piece of furniture at the same time can be a model of art. This direction in design is one of the most unusual, and does not lose its popularity. A room in the style of pop art will look creative and stylish, while maintaining comfort and convenience.

Creating a living room in pop art style

Finishing recommendations

  • Walls, floor and ceiling. The pop art style is very bright and emotional, so it needs a neutral background, which can be walls, floor and ceiling. Neutral colors when finishing them will create a balance between originality and serenity of the background component. Most often they use white or gray color, in which it is possible to color the whole space of the room. This calm gamut will be in perfect harmony with bright interior items.
  • Textile. Textiles in the living room in the style of pop art will definitely be colorful: curtains, sofa cushions, bedspreads. Neon colors are welcome when selecting the textile component of the room. In addition, you can independently sew interesting things for your interior. On sale you can find materials of different textures and unusual colors.
  • Furniture. The furniture in this interior will be distinguished by brightness and non-standard forms. With furniture pick-up, you can give maximum space for imagination and creativity: large soft sofas, giant armchairs, small multi-colored ottomans.

Art objects in the interior

  • Sculptures. The origins of this style lie in the field of art, so the living room in the style of pop art will certainly contain characteristic objects. Sculptures are an integral part of pop art. In the interior it can be a variety of figurines in size and shape, as well as their reproductions or photographs on the wall.
  • Pictures It was with the paintings that pop art began to penetrate into the interior design. Paintings in this style are printed on canvas, or it is oil painting, photo printing is also used. Works in the style of pop art is difficult not to know, they are distinguished by unusual and bright, down to acid colors and neon shades. The themes of such paintings are not strictly limited. It can be a portrait of your pet in deliberately bright unnatural colors or a photo of celebrities in the characteristic color art of pop art.
  • Accents. Usually in the room there is an accent wall, which is a large canvas that allows you to create without all sorts of restrictions. You can give space to your creative ideas and independently put a picture on this wall, or relying on well-known samples of works in the style of pop art. Also a popular solution for such a wall will be wallpaper with a characteristic image for this style.

Living in the style of pop art will be a place of celebration, joy and art, the brightness of color solutions and non-standard interior will give you aesthetic pleasure and allow you to feel the freedom to express your emotions.

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