The design of the living room-nursery: a combination of comfort and functionality

In the case when there is no possibility to allocate a separate room for the child, you need to look for alternative solutions. It is not necessary to completely deprive yourself of a room for rest. Living room and children in the same room may well exist without a significant loss of functionality of both. Thus, the child will have a comfortable place in the apartment, and the rest of the family members will continue to have a rest room.

Design features of the living room and children

The first step in the design of the living room-nursery will be the zoning of space. Part of the room is allocated only for the child, and the rest of the space remains a common area for relaxation.

Methods of space delimitation for a living room and a nursery:

  • In the case when the room is large enough, it will be easy to divide it with a partition made of chipboard or plasterboard. It does not have to have classic straight lines, but may be of various shapes, with curves and a relief texture. Notches in the partition can be used to decorate the room, it will make the interior more interesting and add personality.
  • If the room is small, then the partition can be a bad option, as it will clutter the space. In this case, it is better to use a screen or curtains. They will not visually reduce the space, in addition they can always be moved apart. Another advantageous solution for a small room would be a rack, which will also allow you to avoid congestion in the interior.
  • The design of the living room-nursery does not have to be closed, that is, partitions can be replaced by other ways of zoning the room. For example, using color design. The children's area can be bright with pictures on the walls, and for the living area you can choose a calm color scheme. You can also distinguish zones using a podium or various types of flooring. In the nursery area, lay a carpet on the floor, and lay laminate in the rest of the room.

Choosing children's furniture

In the design of the living room-children's room special attention should be paid to the choice of furniture for the child, which will depend on his age.

  • Up to three years. In the nursery area, you can limit yourself to a cot, a changing table, shelves or a chest of drawers for storing children's clothes and an armchair. Above the bed is appropriate to hang a canopy. It will hide the child from bright lighting and will serve as an additional attribute of zoning, when the living room and the nursery are in the same room.
  • From three to six years. For children of this age category it is worth to allocate a zone for games. It can be a soft corner covered with a carpet with drawers or a chest for storing toys. You can also put a small table and chair so that the kid can practice drawing. A place to play can be distinguished in the interior with the help of a bright color palette, which at the same time will be in harmony with the general tonality of the living room.

  • Schoolboy. For a child of school age, it is important to organize a workplace. The ideal option would be to place it along the wall opposite the bed. If the area of ​​the room does not allow such an idea, the sofa in the living room can also serve as a sleeping place.

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