Interior design living-dining room 19 sq. M. m

The ceilings of the living room are not high - only two and a half meters. Therefore, the main color in living room design 19 sq. m. m it was decided to choose a white, visually increasing volume, raising the ceilings and giving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

To further change the dimensions of the room, a large poster was hung on the wall - its dimensions change the proportions of the space. Additionally in the design of the living-dining room This poster serves to visually differentiate the functional areas, separating the dining room.

Zoning is also supported by various floor patterns, for which the laminate “under the oak” was laid in different directions: in the dining room area - horizontally, and in the living room area - vertically. Deep gray color ininterior design living-dining room serves to combine space into a single whole, and provides a transition from basic white to accent black.

Light living room design 19 sq. m. m uses LED stripes as the base element. They are built into the side portions of the ceiling structures, and in the dining area are complemented with diffusers.

Lamps over the dining table are made in the form of pendant lamps from three balls and represent pop art, they are created by a designer from England.

To not overload living-dining room designA large storage system consisting of three sections was placed in the aisle. The cabinet turned out to be non-standard, the reduced depth (42 cm) made it possible to fit it in place and do without carrying the door.

AT interior design living-dining room it was possible to allocate a place for the home library: its role is played by the racks framing the zone of the sofa and the TV. They are made in the form of columns, abutting the ceiling, and visually slightly raise it.

This effect is enhanced by mirror-facing columns of the shelving. Rotary spotlights, which provide additional illumination that seems to be brighter due to reflection in the mirrors, are strengthened on them.

Furniture in living room design 19 sq. m. m solved in the same color, has the same depth and perfectly combined with each other. The sofa can serve not only as a resting place, but also as a sleeping place for guests or relatives. The transformation mechanism of the sofa will withstand a large number of disassembly assemblies, a spacious laundry box will also allow you to store additional blankets and pillows there.

Table in the design of the living-dining room also unusual, for its manufacture used artificial stone, which is often used in kitchens. In its lower part there is a storage system for bottles. White color combines this piece of furniture with the rest.

Unusual iteminterior design living-dining room - plastic chairs. Usually these are used in the garden or catering facilities. For all that, it should be noted that plastic is a surprisingly easy-to-care material, while being light and durable. And sitting on these chairs is very comfortable. In the company of white plastic chairs there was only one black one - this was a reflection of the artistic idea of ​​the poster decorating the living room wall.


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