Design living room 14 square meters. with bedroom and loggia

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Design living room 14 square meters. the apartment was designed in such a way that this room became not only a place where the whole family can gather and talk, but the office of its head and the parent’s bedroom. To fit all this in such a small area, it took a non-standard approach. The room was turned into a kind of "transformer" with a very unusual interior.

The design of the living room with a loggia resembles a magical forest, in which the play of shadows cast by the branches fancifully falls on the green, weaving in fantastic patterns.


The design of the living room with a loggia uses furniture that is easy to transform: this is a good option in situations where the area does not allow you to comfortably accommodate everything you need.

Ottoman easy movement turns into a full double seat. Thus, the transition "living room - bedroom" and back is carried out almost instantly.

The wardrobe behind the ottoman is a special highlight of the living room design of 14 square meters. m. It is enough to remove the unit - and the “cabinet” begins to fall smoothly. This ottoman also falls, it does not have to move to another place or fold manually. A few minutes later this place has a wide bed with a mattress that meets all the requirements of orthopedics.

There is a place for personal items in the dressing room, as well as in the office, which is located on the former loggia. The dressing room turned out to be quite large - in the niche near the entrance where it is built, not only two dressers, but also shoe shelves, and bars for hanging clothes easily fit.

A large mirror was mounted on the wall: it was comfortable to look at, and besides, it expands the small space of the dressing room.

The interior of the living room with a bedroom turned out to be unusual and expressive, and at the same time functional due to the use of transforming objects. For example, a table can be either a coffee table or a dinner table, and poufs can serve as chairs for guests or decorative elements.

The attached to the room loggia now has an office, albeit small, but conveniently located - quite secluded, and at the same time having excellent daylight.


In the center of the composition is a giant tree, or rather, its “trunk”, lined with parquet boards painted in green. To the right and left of the “trunk” - non-woven wallpaper with the image of the forest, made in silver color. The gray wall of the dressing room serves as a neutral background for this composition.


The interior of the living room with a bedroom turned out bright due to the installation of a lightbox - a light box. It is thin, and does not block the daylight from the window, and in the evening the lighting is lit in it. Additionally, the daylight flux has expanded due to the unification of the loggia with the room.

To make the window opening look harmonious, the battery is covered with a special glass screen (other ways of hiding the heating battery can be found here). The screen is opaque, made of tempered glass.


In the design of the living room with a balcony, a special place is occupied by the ceiling. On its center there is a parquet board, continuing the theme of the “trunk”, and on both sides of it, parallel to each other, lightboxes are fixed on the ceiling. On its translucent panels applied pattern in the form of branches. When the light comes on, the shadows of these branches fall into the room, creating the atmosphere of a magical forest in which the sun makes its way through the tops of the trees to the ground.


From the chandeliers in the living room design 14 square meters. M. refused, instead of them are working plexiglass light panels. LEDs are built into them along the perimeter, and special sputtering distributes the light from them evenly over the entire surface. It creates a pleasant lighting, which does not require a lot of energy, and it is much more useful for health. Vinyl stickers on panels imitate treetops.

Additionally used LED strip in the ceiling niches.

In the interior of the living room with a bedroom there are separate lamps, for example, reading lamps - this is the industrial design of the last century.

On the desktop there is a desk lamp.

In the dressing room - two twin lights.

To make it even more light, on the former window sill, we built a stellah of light panels: they are transparent, with built-in LEDs, and a layer that distributes light applied to the surface.

Source: The Apartment Question Program
Project: "Transformers in the silver forest"

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