Baroque living room interior

The grace and romantic spirit of the time, when instead of cars drove around in carriages, and instead of electricity, the room was filled with warm candlelight - this is what the baroque living room is. Technologies have gone far ahead since the time of palace coups, and now there is no need to sculpt baroque decorations from heavy gypsum, as was done once. Now the necessary “stucco”, made of polyurethane, is easy to purchase and easy to attach into place with the help of mounting glue.

Modern baroque in the interior of the living room is different stucco covered with a thin layer of gold or gold paint - so trimmed mainly palaces of the nobility, where the interiors served to demonstrate the wealth and high position of their masters. Today, such chic is hardly appropriate, so the walls and stucco paint not only in a golden tone, but also in other different colors (for example, white, gray or pink).

An interesting method for decorating a living room in the Baroque style is the use of fabric wallpaper. They are the natural fabric pasted on a basis from a paper or a fleece. Fabric for such wallpaper is usually used silk, linen, viscose or cotton, less common fiber, such as cellulose. These are materials of a high price group, and are more often used not for continuous pasting of walls, but for isolating one or another part of them.

The center of the living room in the Baroque style can be a soft group - a sofa and armchairs. Velvet upholstery, “carriage” on the backs and smooth on the seats, delicate color, decorative wooden Baroque details, additions in the form of pillows of complex shape, covered with shiny satin - all this gives the room luxury and chic.

The wardrobe, stylized as an old buffet, will serve as storage for dishes and souvenirs.

Such a complex style requires a complex approach, even to simple things. The curtains on the windows consist not of two, but of three layers - this is transparent tulle, thicker curtains, and on top of all are heavy, gorgeous curtains, similar to a theater curtain. They are ideally combined with furniture and stucco, together forming a modern baroque style in the interior of the living room.

The final gloss of the living room is added with unusual vases, decorative candles or elegant mirrors and molding frames.

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