Design living room-bedroom 19 sq. M. m. in beige tones

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The design of the living room in beige tones is an amazing example of how, by connecting two very far apart concepts: a Provencal village and an Irish pub, you can get a room in the style of Scandinavian minimalism.

At first glance it seems that the furniture here is too small even for this style, which prefers to do without excesses, but in fact everything is thought out: all the furniture is the “cubes” of one big designer, from which you can collect everything you need.

Furniture for the living room-bedroom 19 square meters. m. made by special order. This is what made it possible to create a transforming interior that easily adapts to the desires and needs of the owners, as well as to the time of day.

The main subject of furniture in any living room is a sofa, and here it occupies an honorable place by the window. Huge, almost the entire wall - and behind it on both sides of the window there are light shelves for books. The walls of these racks are window slopes, with shutters fixed in them. So it looks like the day.

The design of the living room in beige tones is completely changed at night. The sofa disappears - it turns into a double bed, on either side of which are bedside tables.

Lamps mounted on the walls provide a comfortable reading in bed. Bedside tables - with a “secret”: bed linen is stored inside them.

To the left and right of the “sofa” design are the niches where the batteries are hidden.

The fireplace is emphasized decorative, thick white candles denote the “firebox” - a place for live fire.

Mirror over the fireplace in the living room-bedroom 19 sq. M. m. - the door of a secret locker where you can place cosmetic accessories, and a fireplace portal - to use as a dressing table, a must-have item in a real bedroom.

And this is not all the “abilities” of the fireplace: it contains a whole table! The portal unfolds, the tabletop consists of four parts hinged with hinges, and the legs in the shape of the letter “P” are interconnected to stiffen the whole structure.

Another multi-functional piece of furniture in the design of the living room in beige tones - a small console near the wall. The drawers under it are storage systems for magazines and books, but they can be taken out, turned over - and used for sitting as stools.

Durability is calculated on the weight of an adult. In addition, they can be collected in a separate rack near the fireplace, or even hung on the wall as shelves - it all depends on the desire of the owners.

The wall to the right of the door “disappeared” - it was not possible to place any useful furniture near it, as it appeared on the aisle and began to interfere with free movement. Therefore, the door was moved a bit, and the resulting wall made it possible to build a narrow (30 cm), but a large wardrobe area.

In the living room-bedroom 19 square meters. m. it serves as the main storage system. On the sides - shelves for books. The central part hides a television panel and sound equipment behind the sliding walls.

Mezzanines along the entire wall will allow you to store things that are rarely used. In order not to narrow the passage, the protruding handles had to be abandoned - the doors were opened by pressing.

Soft cushion chairs allow you to comfortably fall apart in front of the TV and serve as large toys for children.

Next to them is a tiny coffee table. Despite its modest size, it not only copes with its task, but also decorates the interior: the underframe is made by hand from oak and processed with natural beeswax.

To illuminate the various areas in the design of the living room in beige tones provided lighting at different levels. In the center - a ceiling chandelier, reminiscent of the old lights used in the locks. Forged metal in combination with marble shades gives the interior thoroughness.

The sofa zone is lit from above by three ceiling spots, from the sides - by two wall lamps, which play the role of bedside lamps at night.

Above the main storage system - two lamps on the hinges, allowing you to light any corner of it. Special decoration of the room - a lamp on the console. This is a real Provence - cozy and romantic.

Source: The Apartment Question Program
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