Combined living-dining room of 18 square meters. m

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At first glance, the design solution for a combined living room and dining room seems very simple, but the impression is deceptive: it is necessary to press one button, as a shiny glass wall suddenly becomes transparent, and a stylish concrete surface opens up to the eye.

Thus, the interior for a second changes its character from elegant and slightly glamorous ladies to brutal men.


Almost all the furniture for the living room with a dining area was made according to design sketches.

The chair, an indispensable attribute of the living room, can unfold as a chaise longue. White leather and polished aluminum base make it a decorative item.

Decorates the room and coffee table on three legs, created by designers specifically for this project.

A folding sofa was chosen for the living room with a dining area, which allows you to organize an extra bed.

There is a TV on the front wall, a bookshelf above it, and under it is a spectacular pedestal trimmed with nuts. There are no right angles in it - all the faces are cut at 45 degrees, due to which it looks not so massive.

So that the combined living and dining room does not seem cluttered with furniture, a strip of LED lighting was laid under the stand, which creates the impression that the storage system is hanging in the air.

The combined living and dining room allows you to relax comfortably and dine with guests in a cozy atmosphere - a long table is designed for the simultaneous landing of at least six people.

Around him - beech chairs in white covers.

Near the window opening successfully fit into the wall of a narrow closet. The door does not have a handle - you can open it by clicking on one side.

The space under the windowsill has become a bookcase.


All lighting devices are controlled from a single remote control, which makes it possible not only to turn on and off the necessary lamps, but also to regulate their illumination. Copper harnesses highlight the dining area in yellow.

The wall of frosted glass has a backlight at floor level and under the ceiling, which makes it more expressive.

The lighting under the pedestal console also contributes to the light scheme of the living room with a dining area.

The corner of rest consisting of a sofa and a chair, is illuminated by an aluminum floor lamp created based on a design product of Twiggy firm.

Steel lamps on the console and bookshelf put a bright dot in the light scheme.

Source: The Apartment Question Program
Project: "Concrete or glass"

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