Features of interior design living room in the style of "modern"

There are many unique styles in the interior and they all have characteristic features. If we talk about the direction of "modern" (from the French. Moderne - modern, new), then its essence lies in the name.

In the present article, the word "modern", intentionally used in quotation marks, since the modern style itself prevailed at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, was one of the most refined and aristocratic styles in interior design, the hallmarks of which were: the use of natural materials (wood , plaster, marble), curved, rounded lines, stained glass, floral ornaments.

Today, the phrase "living room in modern style" is increasingly used in a completely different sense. Modern implies a modern direction in design, which is characterized by functionality and practicality. The design of the living room in modern style is able to give you comfort, convenience and comfort, while you will have the opportunity to constantly change something in the interior, add new details, replace some elements. The integrity of the image of the interior in this case will not be violated.

Modern is suitable for both middle-class apartments and luxury houses, which makes it universal. Its feature is the ability to create designs based on standard compositions, paying more attention to details that will be a reflection of your individual style.

Division into zones in living room design in modern style

The functionality of the modern style gives a lot of room for imagination when zoning the living room. In addition to the allocation of standard areas for recreation, have the opportunity to use the living room and as a study or a selection of areas for sleeping. Also in such a living room can be allocated space for storage, a play area for the child, and maybe even a place for a dining table, if space allows.

The most popular are the following methods of zoning space:

  • The use of a screen or curtains, perhaps even of lightweight fabric;
  • Creating partitions of drywall or other more durable materials;
  • Selection of some by changing the height of the floor or ceiling (for example, a small podium on the floor);
  • The use of combined lighting (for example, in the work area, the light may be brighter than in the rest area);
  • Use high cabinets or shelving.

The interior of the living room in Art Nouveau style allows it to perform the functions of several rooms at once, without losing its charm.

Recommendations for choosing furniture

Since the design of the living room in Art Nouveau style often implies the presence of the most different in its functionality zones, this affects the choice of furniture. Therefore, the main recommendation when choosing furniture is to pay attention to universal objects, without any frills in decorating. The simplicity of such furniture allows the interior to remain relevant, while not chasing fashion trends. In addition, this furniture will last you longer.

For example, if you need working and dining areas in the living room, but the space does not allow you to put a large table or two tables in one room, then you should pay attention to models that can cope with two functions at once. This will allow, without cluttering the space, to have a place for both lunch and paper work. This principle applies to other pieces of furniture, where one thing can perform several functions at once.

The basic principles for modern living rooms in modern style are external neutrality, but at the same time the aesthetics of the interior, as well as the harmonious interaction of the design and functionality of the room.

But this does not mean that it is necessary to abandon luxury in the form of expensive furniture. And such interior items as a mini-bar will become not only an indicator of elitism, but also a functional part of your living room. Luxurious interior items allow combining functionality with aesthetic pleasure, while demonstrating a wonderful sense of the owner’s style.

Interior features of the living room in modern style

In addition to functionality and other basic characteristics, the design of the living room in the Art Nouveau style has certain features:

  1. The use of podiums, stairs and a multi-level ceiling is quite common in this style, but not always associated with the division of the room into zones.
  2. Bright lighting that covers the whole room, is necessarily present in the interior of the living room in modern style.
  3. Neutral colors are often used to decorate walls, but this is not a requirement. Bright colors can also be used. Or a combination of neutral colors with one wall, pasted over with variegated wallpaper.
  4. When finishing the floor is preferred light shades of laminate or parquet. This allows you to visually lighten and relieve the space, and also makes it lighter and more spacious.
  5. Modern style involves the use of modern materials. Glass and leather as well as shiny metal surfaces will be very useful. This criterion is applicable when choosing furniture. Unusual things will be in place in this interior.
  6. Technique in the modern living room in the modern style will certainly keep up with the times and meet the highest standards: plasma TVs, computer equipment, high-quality audio systems.
  7. Art Nouveau style implies minimal use of decorative elements. The presence of indoor plants, perhaps even exotic.

The interior of the living room in the modern style is a combination of simplicity and luxury, which is due to the functionality, good technical component and comfort. High-quality modern materials, new equipment, non-standard furniture are used in this style, creating a rich and sophisticated atmosphere.

The photo selection presented below will allow you to familiarize yourself with the possible design options for living rooms in this style.

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