Eurobook sofa: transformation mechanism, types of sofas, photo

Eurobook sofas are very popular, and there is a simple explanation for this: they are comfortable, reliable, have a long service life and are not too expensive. As a rule, the sleeping place, which is formed when unfolding, is very smooth and convenient, and the design initially provides for a spacious linen drawer, which is useful, especially in small apartments, where there are not so many storage places.

Transformation of the sofa of the eurobook practically does not require efforts, and nothing prevents to put it close to the wall - no additional space is required for the layout. The simplicity of the mechanism explains the reasonable price for such sofas. The design feature is such that the backrest is quite far from the edge of the seat, and for convenience, the furniture is complemented by large pillows filled with synthetic down. They are placed under the back, and get very comfortable seating.

The following advantages of Eurobook sofas can be highlighted:

  • Smooth berth, without height differences;
  • Various fillers for the bed, including orthopedic;
  • Takes up little space in the room (especially models without armrests);
  • Has a roomy linen box;
  • A simple folding mechanism, in which there is nothing to break - it will serve for a long time;
  • A wide range of models, including corner ones.

Sofa mechanism eurobook

It is rather difficult to talk about the mechanism in this case, since in fact most of the models lack it. Correct to talk about the design. The part on which they sit is moved "towards itself" along special guides, which can be either metal or wooden (made of hard wood). After that the back falls forward.

The mechanism of the eurobook sofa works as follows:

  1. The seat must be pulled "to itself" until it stops. Between the back and the seat is formed a niche, while the linen box is open, you can use it. In some models, the legs of the sofa have wheels that facilitate unfolding. There are also models called “tick-tac”: if you pull the seat towards yourself, it rises slightly, “emerges” up and then gently lowers into place. Such a mechanism is more complicated, and the cost of the sofa is higher.
  2. After the seat is pushed forward until it stops, the backrest is lowered into the vacant niche. At the top is that part of it that when folded down is facing the wall. By filler, it corresponds to the seat. To better understand how the transformation mechanism of the sofa of the eurobook, see the video below.

Eurobook sofa layout (mechanism, video)

Let us consider in detail all the pros and cons of such mechanisms.

Advantages of the mechanism:

  • High reliability. Since there are no complicated metal structures and moving parts here, there will be no damage, and possible malfunctions are easily fixed on their own, without the help of specialists.
  • Easy to use. To disassemble and assemble a sofa eurobook, you do not need to put a lot of effort, it is done quickly and easily.
  • Affordable price. A simple design does not require large manufacturing costs, therefore, the final price is also low.

Disadvantages of the mechanism:

  • Layout When the eurobook sofa unfolds, the legs can scratch the parquet or linoleum. The wheels attached to the legs solve the problem; however, they are not suitable for carpets, because over time they form a knurled "track", taking in the villus.
  • Sleeping place. It consists of two parts, and there is a joint. Although there is no height difference, the joint can still be felt and create inconvenience.
  • Installation Between the sofa and the wall will have to leave some distance, otherwise it will be difficult to expand it.

Important: In high-quality sofas all components have a snug fit. If you can stick your finger between the seat and the armrest, the eurobook couch will probably not last long.

Eurobook sofas with soft fillings

A soft sheet material is enclosed under the seat upholstery - polyurethane foam, foam rubber, latex, etc. Depending on the price of the filler, consumer qualities and the price of the product change.

  • Foam rubber. The cheapest and most short-lived option. Foam rubber quickly loses properties and collapses.

  • PPU The main advantage is the low price. It forms a rather stiff sleeping place, more suitable for sitting than sleeping.

  • Latex. Artificial and natural latex - excellent fillers, they provide a comfortable sleep. The main drawback is the high price.

Eurobook sofas with spring unit

A block of springs is used as a filler, which provides high orthopedic advantages. There are two types:

  • Bonnel (dependent springs). The block of the springs connected among themselves by a "snake". The main plus is a relatively affordable price. Minus - fragility. The average service life does not exceed 10 years, and the failure of one spring means that the entire sofa will quickly become unusable: the springs will start to crawl out and break through the upholstery. In addition, the coupled springs make a noisy noise if the person sitting or lying on the sofa starts to move.

  • Independent. The block made of springs packed in separate covers is a real orthopedic mattress. It provides comfort to the person sitting, the correct support of the spine in a dream, it does not make noise if you turn over it. Serves such a unit longer "bonnel" - up to 15 years. The only negative is the rather high price of Eurobooks with an orthopedic mattress.

Important: Not every mattress on which it is written that it is orthopedic, in fact, is such. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, check how the quality corresponds to the declared. Make it very easy. Ask for a glass of water, put it on the edge of the couch, and sit in the center. At the same time, the glass should not move, and the liquid should not spill out of it.

Types of Eurobook sofas

By design features can be divided all the sofas, folding on this principle into several types:

  • Without armrests;

  • With one armrest;

  • With two armrests.

The form can also be divided into two main types:

  • Straight sofas;

  • Corner sofas.

Eurobook sofa without armrests - an excellent choice in the event that space in the room is not much. It will be about half a meter shorter than with armrests with the same bed size. The only inconvenience - during sleep, the pillow can fall to the floor. Compromise option - one armrest. It takes a little more space, but it will be more comfortable to sleep, at night the pillow will remain in place.

Two armrests are more comfortable if you are supposed to sit on the sofa. In addition, armrests are often complemented by MDF panels serving as tables, as well as various designs such as niches, shelves and even a mini-bar. It is quite comfortable, but increases the cost of the sofa.

Important: The armrest is a kind of "face" of the manufacturer, by its quality, you can judge the quality of the entire sofa. Pay attention to the seam with which the parts of the fabrics are sewn: if it is smooth, it is made with thick threads - the eurobook sofa is made on good equipment, professionally. An uneven stitch with a thin thread, with gaps, "wobbling" means that the sofa was made in artisanal conditions.

Photo sofas eurobooks

To better understand how the sofas look, equipped with a similar folding mechanism, and how they fit into your interior, check out the presented photos. Please note that the style, color and quality of the fabric can be very different, and you can always choose what is right for you.

Watch the video: Sofa Yuval from the company Ukrizramebel unpacking, assembly. (April 2020).

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