Pink living room design: 50 photo examples

Relying on the advice of experienced design specialists, you can create a truly subtle and refined living room interior in pink tones, in which the spirit of aristocracy, calm and hospitality of the hosts will reign.

Features of the perception of pink color in the interior of the living room

Pink is a combination of red and white, an alliance of purity and passion. Weasel, warmth, desire, tender ardor come to mind when they talk about pink color. But there is a pink tone and completely different, reverse sides with opposite characteristics, depending on the addition of one or another gamma, changes in the proportions of the colors being joined. From them and depend on the assessment, adoption and opinion about the pink interior of the living room.

Pink shifts most of the attention to itself, and the whole design of the room should not be made exclusively in one color, except perhaps special artistic decisions.

As one of the favorites of the fair sex, pink has earned a reputation as one of the classic colors for interior design. Pink color in the living room emphasizes the tenderness, emotion and femininity of the hostess. The design is also suitable for men, if black, gray or beige colors are added to the color scheme.

Pink in the design may look "warm" or "cold" color, forming a different impression. Depending on the additional color: blue or red, for example, will create completely different sensations.

When designing a living room in pink, you should also carefully consider the choice of excessively “screaming” palettes and an excess of bright colors. Strong contrasts and bright colors eventually get boring, no matter how beloved and desirable they may seem in interior design.

Pink living room design: color combinations

Making the living room in pink, you should look at the successful combinations and color pairs. So pink color is harmoniously combined with wood shades, white and black, purple, light green and crimson. Some shades of pink will look great with gray, blue, beige, green, chocolate and plum flowers in the interior design.

Bleached and muffled pink in design will cope with the task of the basic color of light walls, as a substitute for white. The treachery of the pink color lies in its different presentation in daylight and unnatural lighting. It is worth playing with lighting and choosing the right one, otherwise the living room in pink can look far different from what was supposed to be.

Separate nuance - surface texture. On different surfaces the same color will look different.

The pink color in the living room is able to make the interior more warm, soft and gentle, and certainly a cozy place to relax and receive guests.

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