Wall decoration in the living room: the choice of colors, finishes, accent wall in the interior

Living room as the heart of the guest house and household draws attention to itself, so the modern approach of designers to the design of the walls in the living room is very important not only from the standpoint of functionality, but also aesthetics. The design of the walls in the interior of the living room should match the size, zoning, style of the room, to create a full-fledged image.

In the photo is a luxurious classic living room where the walls are decorated with wallpaper.

Select wall colors

When choosing a color you need to consider:

  • natural light intensity and window size;
  • color design furniture and upholstery;
  • chosen interior style;
  • the size of the living room.

If the windows face the sunny side, then the effect of coolness will create a blue, blue, turquoise color. If the windows are located on the north side, you can fill them with light and warmth with the help of warm colors (red, orange, yellow and pastel shades derived from them: mustard, peach, ocher).

In the photo there is a living room, where the emphasis is on the mirror in the frame and the fireplace. Light colors in the design, glass and mirrors fill the room with space and allow you to complement the interior with any details.

The walls in the interior of the living room can be a background for furniture or become a bright accent. Light walls in the living room (ivory, milky, light beige, pastel shades of pink and blue) are suitable for visually highlighting dark furniture. If the furniture is light (white or light wood), then the design of the walls, the color should be deep or bright.

The color should suit all family members, as an option, you can combine several shades to decorate the walls. For example, to make stripes, divide the wall in half, or paint the adjacent in contrasting colors.

  • White, gray or black in the living room can be basic colors, which are complemented by yellow or orange; red or green.
  • Shades of beige and light brown are neutral in themselves and can be complemented in the interior with white, pink, turquoise and blue.
  • Deep colors (blue, burgundy, wine, purple) are appropriate only if there are several windows and large space.

The photo shows the interior of a modern living room, where the walls are painted in coffee color and the bottom is decorated with white panels. The emphasis is only on the fireplace, which makes the style universal.

Finishing materials

The choice of materials for decoration depends on the desired end result for a successful combination of textures for wall decor in the living room and furniture.

  • For painting you need to prepare the walls (they must be perfectly smooth and smooth, as the paint will emphasize all the roughness and cracks). Paint is not afraid of moisture, easy to clean, does not accumulate dust and walls are easy to repaint. Modern special paints do not emit odor and are designed for interior decoration.

  • Different types of wallpapers offer a large selection of colors and textures, this design hides defects and is mounted independently without special tools. For the living room fit paper and non-woven wallpaper. To create an accent wall in the interior, you can use wallpaper.

In the photo is an example of the design of the accent wall with wallpaper mural in a modern living room of natural shades.

  • Decorative plaster in the living room smoothes out any irregularities and will always look unique. Patterns are created with a spatula (bark beetle, rain, carpet, etc.) and then the wall is painted and for greater wear resistance is varnished.

  • Wooden design creates heat and noise insulation. It can be panels, cork or laminate on the lower part of the walls around the perimeter, or you can only sheathe an accent wall in the interior with wood.

  • Decorative stone and decorative brick are suitable for decoration of the wall by the fireplace (TV or false fireplace) to create an interior in the Scandinavian style, country and classic. Such facing is not afraid of moisture, it is cheaper than natural stone and does not create additional load.

  • Soft panels are suitable for the design of the wall near the TV or over the sofa, they will help to place accents, hide defects, create noise insulation. From materials suitable leather, leatherette, fabric. The synthetic winterizer keeps its shape better, and the foam rubber is suitable for creating a softer surface.

  • Design mirrors appropriate in a rectangular and small room. It can be a panel, tile or panel square, or another shape. Bright colors and a reflection of the window or doorway will add space to the living room, and a reflection of the next wall or furniture will reduce the space.

  • 3D wall panels in the living room design with a bas-relief and a high relief are suitable for creating an accent even in the tone of the main walls, they are easy to attach and do not require additional alignment. There are wooden, glass, plastic, from MDF, plaster.

Combination Features

Most often, the living room is the place where you can show imagination in the interior by combining colors and textures to create a unique design of the walls in the living room and highlight areas.

For example, an area near the fireplace or a place for receiving guests can be revetted with decorative stone or laminate, and a recreation area with wallpaper or paint. The banquet part can be decorated with paint or plaster, and the place at the sofa ⎯ liquid wallpaper.

Modern designers welcome any experiment in colors and textures, but if you don’t want to take a chance on design, it’s better not to combine natural with synthetic (for example, wood panels or veneer with plastic), natural colors (neutral brown, beige, white) with acid shades of yellow and green.

The photo shows an example of creating an accent in the same shade, but using a different texture, the panels and paint are combined in the design of the walls.

Accent wall decoration

The accent wall is always different in color and texture, its task is to attract attention and visually rub the space of the room.

  • Emphasis should be placed on the wall that catches the eye first when entering the room.
  • With a small room, you can emphasize part of the wall or partition.
  • Any material that is different from the main walls will be suitable for decoration.
  • The color of the accent wall should overlap with the color of some interior items.
  • Highlight the wall can be color, plot, pattern and texture, but do not mix it all together.
  • When arranging the wallpaper, you need to adhere to the same quality, combine the patterns with monochromatic and keep a balance between the neutral background color and the highlighted bright one.
  • Photowall-paper or a list will give to an interior identity and the atmosphere of a cosiness.
  • Horizontal stripes at registration will expand the room, and the vertical visually raise the ceilings.

The photo shows an example of an art deco interior design that allows you to combine an abundance of gloss, glass and bright colors in the decoration. Pink 3D panels and a mirror on the accent wall complement the style.

Wall decoration above the TV and fireplace

If it is not possible to single out the wall under the decor, then you can accentuate the space above the interior.

  • Decorative stone and brick for the classic living room and metal for modern design are suitable for decoration above the fireplace. For security reasons, it is better not to hang carpets and paintings on the wall.

In the photo the interior of the living room in a rustic style, where it is appropriate to emphasize the wall with bricks.

  • TV can be arranged in a plasterboard niche with light. Such a wall in the interior can be painted or covered with wallpaper. As an addition, you can apply a mirror mosaic, a clock or paintings. The wall design with a TV in the living room can be decorated in any style, but the main thing is not to overload it with details, since the TV itself is a great accent.

In the photo, the design of a rectangular living room in a classic style, where the effect of wide walls is created by the glass panels on the accent wall by the TV.

In the photo there is a modern interior room, which combines an eco-fireplace and a TV set on one wall, additionally decorated with paintings.

Ideas for wall decor in the living room

Based on the style, the decor can choose the most diverse. For example, for a classic interior fit skirting, moldings, carpet, mirrors in gold frames, fabric panels.

For country and Provence, decorative plates, embroidered products, wickerwork, wooden clocks will be appropriate. Antique interior items (telephone, gramophone, posters and books) are suitable for decoration of retro-style.

On the accent wall, you can make your family tree, a large photo or attach memorabilia from trips.

The photo is an example of how to decorate a wall with posters, paintings and maps. Such decor is always easy to replace or remove.

Photo gallery

The photos below show examples of the use of various wall decoration options in the living room interior.

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