Living room design in bright colors: the choice of style, color, decoration, furniture and curtains

The bright living room always looks spacious, light and fresh. Its interior sets the rhythm for the whole house, having decorated the room in pastel, soft colors, you can get an enveloping atmosphere of warmth and comfort throughout the house.

Pros and cons of the room in bright colors

The main role of the living room is to be comfortable, setting up comfort and relaxation, it should be: soft, fresh and comfortable. Calm, pastel, airy shades of a light palette are the best suited for the performance of this duty.

The main advantages of bright colors are:

  • Versatility, you can choose any combination and texture. Bright palette is a limitless field for creativity.
  • Increases space.
  • Adds more light.
  • It creates a calm, trusting atmosphere in the room.

Disadvantages of using a light palette in the living room:

  • The need to use color accents. Due to the neutrality of light shades, the space can seem dull. To do this, you need to work with bright accents that will fill the space with energy.
  • Cleaning will be needed more often, because pollution will be more visible on the light interior elements.

Color selection


White tone is associated with light and purity. In the interior of the living room, white can be combined with bright or dark color accents to fill the room with new colors.

In the photo the living room in the Scandinavian style. A room in white will always look original and stylish.

Light gray

The laconic light gray color will create the ideal color base in the room; it looks neutral and noble at the same time. It can be combined with almost any shades: bright or pastel, deep or boudoir.

Light brown

The cozy, warming shade of brown gives warmth and atmosphere to the room. Naked, oily, light like everyone and at the same time, does not focus on attention.


Beige and light beige tones in the interior create a certain base. Almost all shades of color are “friendly” with them. Bright colors perfectly fit into any style of interior, from classic to loft.

The photo shows a classic living room in a light beige color.

Light green

A light green tint expresses life, energy and naturalness. In the interior, this color refreshes the mind and adjusts to the soulfulness. In the living room, green tones can be used in interior items, decoration, furniture or light green, cozy blankets.

Light blue

Hue symbolizes air, freshness, the sky. Cool, fresh and life-giving color is perfect for the interior of the living room. It matches perfectly with white, gray, red, and ivory.

Light yellow

Hue of maximalism and inexhaustible energy. It will bring a good mood to the living room and is perfect for the interior; it is recommended to use it for walls or upholstery.

In the photo, the living room walls are decorated in warm, light yellow colors.

Light turquoise

Can be used as a separate or primary color accent in the interior, made in neutral, bright colors. It is perfectly combined both with dark, and with light shades.

The photo shows a turquoise-white living room in a nautical style.

Light pink

It resembles a combination of two diluted stylish shades of pink and flesh. Light pink is incredibly feminine, reminiscent of the color of a delicate rose, perfect for painting walls, creating a calm and delicate atmosphere in the room.

Light lilac

Light lilac enchants and fascinates with its charm. Vibrant color will make the living room memorable.

Style selection


Living room in a contemporary style perfectly complement the bright colors in the interior. The room, as a rule, is made out in pastel shades, when using bright color accents.


The living room in the style of minimalism is always bright and open. There are a lot of light colors and space, there is practically no decor in the room and there are no unnecessary things that clutter up the space.

In the style of minimalism, two colors are the basic base and the color accent (you can use not only bright shades, but also deep ones). The most suitable colors for the decoration of the living room in the style of minimalism - black, gray and white. For color accents are great: yellow, blue and red.


A classic-style living room looks flawless and elegant in light colors. The design of the room in a classic style requires only natural and rocked materials.

Neoclassical style

The predominant tones in the neoclassic are natural, light, and pastel. Darker ones are chosen for color, barely noticeable accents.

Eco style

The interior uses shades of brown, natural materials and fabrics, wooden furniture, homemade decor from natural materials.


The living room in the Scandinavian style looks especially bright. It is dominated by white tones, making the room fresh and trendy.

In the photo: living room in the Scandinavian style.


In Provence has it all: special chic, light, comfort and warmth. In such a room it will be especially cozy to drink tea in the evenings with guests or with your family. Frank cosiness will set your soulfulness and warmth. Use only muffled, light tones. Textiles with flowers, lush curtains and lots of paintings on the walls.

In the photo: Provence-style kitchen-living room.

Photo of the living room in the apartment

Light colors in the interior of the apartment visually expand the space of the rooms, making it more free and comfortable. They are combined with bright and dark shades. When making a living room in bright colors, it is important to set the necessary color accents at the planning stage of the interior.

For a small apartment, it will be especially important to combine a living room with a dining area. It looks sophisticated, stylish and modern. Dining area can be placed near the window.

Photos of the living room in the house

In the living room of a country house the fireplace becomes the center of attention. Usually it is placed near the wall, but a particularly unique fireplace looks in the center of the room, made in the style of a loft or minimalism. It will be organic in the interior of any style: from classic to loft.

Ideas for a small living room

In small rooms there is always not enough light and space. Here, every centimeter should be predefined as functionally as possible. Light colors in the interior will add not only a lot of light, but also visually increase the space.

In the photo: a cozy atmosphere in a small room.

Living room in Khrushchev may look no worse than modern studio apartments with a small yardage. In Khrushchev halls, a very small space is set aside for the hall, but despite this, it can be made as functional and comfortable as possible.

In such rooms, you can use a variety of techniques of zoning and decor to expand the space:

  • Mirrored and shiny designs, it expands and adds volume to the room.
  • Light shades in the interior.
  • Wall mural having an image with perspective.

Wall, ceiling, floor and door decoration


After choosing the color scheme, you must decide on the wall decoration. A universal option is the wallpaper. Wall decoration wallcovering is very popular, as various drawings, textures and colors are available.

Painting the walls is also popular and very relevant. You can choose any shade from the palette that is most suitable for the interior.


In the design of the living room ceiling plays a key role. For finishing, you can use the most simple options:

  • Painting or wallpapering.
  • Films and fabrics. Stretch ceilings visually increase the space and add gloss to the interior.
  • For a more comfortable atmosphere, use wooden elements on the ceiling.


The floor in the room can be made in light or dark colors. There is a huge choice of finishes:

  • When finishing the floor, you can use parquet or floorboard. Such a floor will improve the room and add comfort and naturalness.
  • Laminate flooring is perfect for finishing the floor in the living room.
  • Ceramic tile is used in the design, due to its versatility and ease of maintenance. The disadvantages include: cold surface and brittleness.
  • The stone floor in the living room looks luxurious and brings a certain character to the interior design.


Doors play a significant role in the design of the living room: they must be matched in color, material and design. For a bright room it is recommended to use doors in white, beige and light gray colors.

The choice of light furniture


Light wall will add even more light to the room. The choice of white color will be universal: this wall will be combined with all shades.


A wardrobe in the living room is not only a stylish addition, but also a multifunctional attribute. Stylish furniture creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and coziness.


The sofa in the living room is the main part of the room. It should be comfortable and at the same time ideally combined with the interior.


Chairs in bright colors are suitable for the hall in almost any style: from Provence to modern. They look especially bright in studios, with a combined living room and kitchen.

Selection of curtains


In the bright living room bright curtains - a bold and at the same time stylish color accent. Bright colors will transform the room, made in monotonous colors. For the interior in neutral colors (beige, gray, white) juicy curtains are selected from the spectrum of the rainbow.

In the photo: bright accents add novelty to the room.


Dark curtains will add depth to the monotonous, bright rooms. They look luxurious and attractive: indigo, wine, lingonberry, burgundy, olive green, sapphire, ultramarine - all these colors perfectly complement the living room with its deep and sophisticated atmosphere.


Light, neutral shades of curtains are a cozy addition to the interior of the hall. All shades of white are suitable for a room in the Scandinavian or modern styles.

Beige tones perfectly emphasize the interior, made in classic style.

In the photo: thick beige curtains on the windows of the hall in a classic style.

Living room decor

If we compare identical rooms first: with upholstered furniture, cabinets, coffee tables and a second, with the same pieces of furniture, but they still have paintings, throw pillows, rugs, carpet and floor vases. Something more comfortable and cozy will be the second room.


Pillows are an excellent decorative addition to the interior. They create a contrast (thanks to the correctly chosen color palette), comfort and attract the views of the guests. Pillows can be of different shapes and shades, there may be several or even one.


Pictures allow you to move to a different atmosphere, if you carefully examine the canvas. Having correctly picked up a beautiful composition, you can add a huge amount of positive energy to the room.


For the living room with windows facing the south, it is recommended to use carpets in cold colors. If the room, on the contrary, is a bit dark, then it can be “warmed” with a warm-tone carpet.

Photo gallery

The living room is the center of the house. Not only all households, but also their guests gather here in the evenings. For cozy conversations and a comfortable pastime, it is necessary to arrange the interior in bright colors.

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