Sofa in the living room: design, types, materials, mechanisms, shapes, colors, choice of location

To choose a sofa in the living room, it is not enough to be guided only by financial possibilities and visual preferences. If you come to the purchase with full responsibility, then the selected furniture will long please the quality, appearance and convenience.

How to choose a sofa in the living room?

There are several important points to consider:

  • Purpose of the sofa: will it be the center of the interior or will be an addition to the rest of the furniture? Will it be actively used? Will it serve as a bed for guests?
  • The size of the living room. Dimensional sofa will not fit into cramped rooms, and miniature - "lost" in a spacious room.
  • The style of the interior. The selected furniture should be in harmony with the decor and decoration of the room.

What upholstery material is better in the living room?

Convenience is the main indicator for a sofa, but the practical side of the issue is just as important.

Consider the three main types of upholstery:

  • Leather. Expensive material, which will give the situation a touch of luxury. Wearproof, but differs in poor air permeability. Not comfortable for open body parts.
  • From eco-leather. Combines the advantages of leather upholstery (strength, appearance), but it is cheaper, and the tactile sensations are many times more pleasant.
  • Fabric Gives unlimited possibilities for design and texture. The fabric is recommended to choose resistant to dirt and stress: mat, velor, flock, jacquard, tapestry.

In the photo is a stylish leather sofa in the youth loft.

Which transformation mechanism is better in the living room?

When choosing a sofa according to the type of transformation, you should pay attention to the design features, ease of folding and the presence of a linen drawer. There are several types of mechanisms:

  • Book. Unpretentious design, proven over the years. Two parts easily turn into one, there is a capacious box for linen.
  • Click-klyak. An improved version of the mechanism "book". In addition to the backrest and seats, armrests are also transformed. It has three levels of unfolding: sitting, lying and intermediate resting position.
  • Eurobook. In contrast to the "book", it does not need to move away from the wall to decompose. The seat rolls out forward and the back goes down. There is a box for linen.
  • Accordion. Unfolds in length, if you pull the seat towards you. Full bed consists of three parts, the joints of which are not felt.
  • Cot. The sofa with a metal frame and a thin mattress, folded three times and hidden from the seat of the individual pillows.
  • Sedaflex. Modified clamshell model. In addition to the seat cushions, the cushions from the backrest are transformed.
  • Dolphin. The lower part of the bed quickly and easily "jumps" when unfolding, due to which the mechanism got its name.

In the photo there is a spacious living room with a sofa unfolded.

Shapes and sizes of sofas

In addition to standard straight sofas, manufacturers offer original designs for every taste.


Distinctive characteristics of sectional corner sofas - spaciousness and versatility. As a rule, have boxes for linen. Look great in the company of rectangular or oval coffee tables.

The corner at the sofa of the L-shaped form is located on the right or on the left. There are also universal designs, where the modular part, if necessary, can change its location.

Semicircular and round

Such models are not always practical, but they look very original in the living room interior.

In the photo there is a fireplace room with a rounded sofa, which is in harmony with the table and stucco on the ceiling.


Suitable for large apartments. Accommodates a maximum of people in the living room, while there is no need to buy extra chairs.

Small sofas

Practical type of furniture: due to its compact size fits in a small living room or studio apartment.

In the photo a narrow sofa fills the space, located in a wall niche.

Large sofa for the whole living room

If the layout allows you to give the sofa a large part of the area, it is quite possible to find five or six-seater structures on the modern market. Such royal furniture occupies the entire wall. Suitable for a large family or very hospitable hosts.

In the photo is a long corner sofa with a comfortable high back, located opposite the TV.

Options for the design of sofas in the interior

Today, designers have ceased to limit their imagination, because modern furniture manufacturers can realize any idea.

With pictures and patterns

The multi-colored patterns on the upholstery will appeal to connoisseurs of retro. Fabric with flowers will fit both in Victorian style and Provence. The matter in a traditional cage will bring respectability into the atmosphere. Striped upholstery will emphasize the graphic interior, will add dynamics to it.

In the photo, a thin white stripe on a blue sofa is a common technique for recreating a nautical style.

Two sofas in the living room

A pair of sofas in the hall is a good way to furnish a spacious room. They create a right angle or are placed opposite each other. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose identical models - two-color combinations look more interesting.


Legendary sofa of English origin. It has several recognizable signs: elegant curved armrests, carriage tie on the back, leather (less often - fabric) upholstery. Chesterfield invariably becomes an ornament to any - not only classical - living room.

With ottoman

Ottoman - a very functional element of upholstered furniture, which serves as a footrest, table or chest. An ottoman can be square, rectangular or round.

The photo shows a rectangular ottoman on legs. Included with the mustard color sofa.

How to choose the color of the sofa in the living room?

Designers are advised to avoid combinations close to the shade of the walls: it is better to select furniture, playing on contrasts. A light sofa will fit better into a dark living room and vice versa: in a light interior it will be advantageous to look dark or bright furniture of saturated tones. Monophonic gamma is appropriate if there is a goal to "dissolve" the sofa in the setting.

In the photo mint sofa fits perfectly into the atmosphere of muted tones. The cool shade of the upholstery is in harmony with the cabinet of a rich emerald color.

Sofa colors

When choosing a color palette you need to rely on your own preferences. The most common furniture base - white, gray and black - tones. But the saturated colors are successfully used in the interior of the living room, because it is the color that gives the atmosphere a special character and affects the mood.

In design, you can achieve harmony by combining warm (or cold) colors of upholstery with a neutral finish or between each other. Cold shades - lilac, turquoise, blue, emerald, dark blue, violet - are energetically inactive, help to relax.

The photo shows a harmonious combination of a lilac sofa and a warm range of floor and walls.

Warm shades - orange, red, yellow, grass green, burgundy, brown - make the room cozy, lift your spirits.

How to put a sofa in the hall?

In designer interiors for the sofa, an optimal place is chosen, and these are not always the popular options “against the wall”, “opposite the TV set” or “near the fireplace”.

If the living room is small, it can be placed at the window: this will free up three walls for maneuvers and save space. The only drawback - to sleep near the radiator is not always comfortable.

If the window in the living room is a bay window, you need to place the sofa in such a way as to provide a circular walk. This is only possible in a spacious room, as is the option “in the middle of the room” when zoning is necessary. Appropriate for the kitchen-living room.

According to the recommendations of the eastern teachings of Feng Shui, upholstered furniture should not be placed opposite the door, since all unfavorable incoming energy will be directed at the person. But sometimes in narrow rooms it is the only way out.

If the living room has a niche or nothing to fill the space under the stairs - a mini-sofa will become an additional place for secluded relaxation.

Design ideas in different living room styles.

To withstand a certain style, it is important to choose furniture that emphasizes the unity of the decor.

Contemporary style sofas

Decorating a living room in a modern style does not differ in a variety of colors. The furniture here is functional, conveniently and concisely arranged. Its design is dominated by geometrically regular shapes.

The photo shows an unusual four-seater sofa with a low back and a built-in table.


Timeless classics emphasize owners' love for luxury and sophistication. The decor is chosen refined, in pastel colors, and upholstery - from expensive matter, for example, velvet.


This is a combination of nobility and pragmatism. The furniture is characterized by high-quality fabrics and filler, the decor uses natural palette and plain ornaments.

In the photo is a living room combined with a kitchen. The furniture looks tidy and expensive, and the pattern on the pillows echoes the textiles on the windows.


Soothing Provence is not associated with pretentiousness - it blows home comfort. Soft sofas with floral designs, quilted bedspreads, lavender shades fit perfectly into the interior.

Pictured is a provincial living room with a white triple sofa.


The leading colors in this style are white and gray interspersed with shades of natural wood. The space is not cluttered with furniture. Upholstery material is presented in a bright palette and devoid of complex patterns.


Modern style living room combines glossy surfaces and bright lighting. Used modular furniture with metal elements and without bulky decorative elements.

In the photo there is a living room in the Art Nouveau style, where a triple corner sofa is adjacent to a glossy coffee table.

Types of sofas for the hall

Furniture for recreation also varies by type of construction:

  • Modular. Consist of separate sections, with which you can easily change the arrangement of furniture.
  • Straight lines Traditional models. A winning option for any room.
  • With a berth. This sofa eliminates the need to purchase additional furniture for sleeping.

In the photo furniture consisting of several segments, which are combined in accordance with the needs of the owners.

  • Transformers. They have a folding mechanism with a shelf, with the help of which the design turns into a sofa bed with an orthopedic mattress.

Recommendations on the selection of textiles in the living room

Textiles for the sofa revives the situation and adds color accents to it. One way to decorate the interior is to partially cover the furniture with a rug, cover it with a veil or protect it with a cape.

Often used as a decor pillows, combining:

  • monophonic upholstery and ornament;
  • overlapping shades;
  • bright colors on pastel background.

The photo is a vivid example of a successful combination of textiles: the ornament on the carpet is in harmony with the pillows, beige plaid and ottoman - with curtains.

Furniture accessories are often in common with curtains or carpet. You can achieve harmony in the design of textiles, varying shades and using different textures: for example, fur pillows and carpet in the form of animal skins.

Photo Gallery

As a rule, the interior of the living room is built around the sofa, and how it will be - ultra-modern in high-tech style or from wooden pallets in the loft style - depends only on the character of its owner.

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