Kitchen design with an island

The placement of a kitchen unit, in which most of the furniture stands along the walls, and some of the elements are located separately in the center of the room, is called an island kitchen.

The kitchen layout is the best island for maximum comfort and convenience, it allows you to cook for two or three people at the same time, and it can also be used as a table or bar counter.

Having an island in the kitchen is the dream of many housewives. It is really comfortable, and can look very beautiful. Kitchen interior with an island can be made in any style, ranging from classic country or provence to modern minimalism or hi-tech.

Kitchen design with an island it is developed taking into account the sizes of the room. A real, full-fledged island will only fit into a solid area of ​​at least 16 square meters.

In that case, if the kitchen is much smaller, designers can offer compact solutions like “peninsula”, or endow the island with a bar counter.

Kitchen island differs from other kitchens in the most rational ergonomics. In one place all the necessary knots of the hostess are collected at once: sink, stove, oven, sometimes even a cupboard - everything depends only on the size of the island, depending on the size and decor of the kitchen.

Kitchen interior with an islanddecorated in any of the styles, it looks much more interesting than the usual kitchen due to the departure from the “wall” location of the main functional units. In addition, a place is made near the walls, where you can put sofas for rest, or spacious storage systems.


Kitchen design with an island - This is not only the ability to “make beautifully”, but also an option for the most convenient and individual kitchen design for specific circumstances. For example, an island can serve as a chopping table and hide a dishwasher under the tabletop.

If the dimensions of the kitchen allow it, you can install a sink and a stove on the island's tabletop, leaving a place for work in the middle between them, and at the bottom place not only a dishwasher, but also an oven, and even a refrigerator.

Kitchen island - this is the possibility of transformations, for example, the sink and stove can be removed under the tabletop and get a large table at which a large number of guests can easily be seated. Extended working surfaces can further increase their number.


  • Isle. More often kitchen interior with an island built as follows: the island is placed separately, approximately in the center of the room, and the rest of the furniture is placed along the walls.

  • Peninsula. In a variant of the peninsula, the island is docked with a kitchen unit or one of the walls.

  • Archipelago. The most difficult option kitchen design with an island called the archipelago, that is, a group of islands. In this case, the island consists of two “peninsulas”, one of which is high, the second is lower. This option has great functionality, but is only appropriate in very large kitchens.

Kitchen island convenient for work also because the height of its surfaces can be adjusted to your liking. In expensive kitchens, this is done using a special remote control.

When making such kitchens designer fantasy is not connected in any way. The island can be both the same color as the kitchen, and contrasting, playing the role of a bright accent. It all depends on the style in which the room is finished.

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