Sea-style cuisine: features, photo

Moments of vacation by the sea fly by so quickly, and I want to keep them in memory as long as possible. In order to extend the marvelous state that takes possession of us on the seashore, decorate the kitchen in a marine style.

Even the most standard room can be decorated so that it will resemble a bungalow on the edge of the ocean, or a yacht cabin. And it does not require huge costs, just a few well-chosen accessories to let the freshness of the breeze and the splash of waves into your kitchen.

Color solution

Tones that are used in the decoration of the kitchen in the marine style, should be close to natural. Nothing too bright and deliberate. As the main colors of the sea, sand, sky, clouds, calm tones of green.

An additional advantage: all these colors, especially in the light version, will help to expand the space, and act soothingly.

Blue tones and tones of sea wave are considered cold, so they are best suited for the kitchen, overlooking the south side.


Sea kitchen interior, as a rule, does not require complex technical solutions.

  • Floor

On the floor most often lay the usual boards, better aged, so as to resemble the deck of an old ship.

But if you show fiction and fantasy, the floors can be turned into a unique interior decoration. To do this, you need to make niches in the floor, and build mini-compositions on the marine theme in them.

For compositions, you can use pebbles, sea sand, corals, shells, shells, small decorative anchors and chains. From above, each niche is covered with extremely durable glass. It looks especially impressive if there is a backlight in each of the niches.

  • Walls

The walls can be trimmed with wood, giving the impression that you are in a cabin, or covered with bleached plaster, as is customary on the sea coast.

You can create a marine kitchen design by laying out a mosaic panel depicting a sailboat or scenes from underwater life.

  • Ceiling

The ceiling can also be trimmed with panels under the tree, and equipped with decorative beams, between which are stretched ropes, fishing nets or anchor chains. On the anchor chain from the ceiling can hang a chandelier in the ship's style.


For the chosen style, a little rough wooden furniture is suitable, unpainted and slightly aged. It should not shine, on the contrary - dullness will indicate the time patina so appreciated by interior designers.

Wicker furniture and wicker baskets will also look good. A ottoman made of a thick rope twisted into a “reel” can become a very stylish decoration of a kitchen. Such a “coil”, only higher, can be the basis for the glass tabletop of the dining table.

Accessories and decor

In marine design, the kitchen uses mainly natural materials, as well as glass and brass. Panels and cover materials made of jute and sisal will also come in handy.

  • The marine interior of the kitchen will be helped to create shells brought from vacation, dried starfish, pebbles from your favorite beach and other items that you found in the sea or picked up on the beach while on vacation. Put them on an open or glazed shelf in the kitchen cabinet so that they are visible.
  • Large sinks can be placed in decorative niches or on window sills.
  • Marine kitchen design will help to create small pebbles, shells, peeled to mother of pearl, small pieces of blue tile - they can be beautifully laid on the usual standard facades of the old kitchen, immediately transforming it.
  • Small shells will come in handy to decorate frames for mirrors or photographs, or even lay out a small panel in a nautical style.
  • You can put a model of a yacht or a ship on the table, place a round-shaped mirror on the wall in a brass frame - let it look like a porthole in the cabin.
  • Various items of "marine" purpose - binoculars, sextants, telescopes, compasses, rope segments or ropes rolled into a bay will serve as wonderful decorative elements for a maritime-style kitchen.
  • You can add romance of the sea and more simple ways - by changing the dishes. White plates with blue rims, or blue - with white remind sailor collars and vests.
  • Blue dishes, especially decorated with images of fish and sea animals, immediately creates a certain mood. Especially this option is suitable for those who seek a healthy diet and limit themselves to eating: the blue color of the dishes reduces appetite.
  • The marine kitchen interior is logical complemented by bamboo or light wood blinds. Curtains on the windows can resemble sails - coarse unbleached linen in this case is the best possible way.
  • Small blue curtains with a white simple pattern will add a homely touch.
  • You can divide the zones in the kitchen with the help of decorative curtains of long threads, on which shells are collected, large beads resembling pearls, pieces of cork or wood polished by the sea.
  • Of the fabrics, flax and cotton are preferred, either unpainted or gray-blue, coarse canvas weave. Pillows for the kitchen sofa, made from these materials, can have as a decor nautical symbols, ship images, or simple geometric patterns in blue and white.

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