Purple set in the kitchen: design, combination, choice of style, wallpaper and curtains

By the choice of purple headset has developed an ambiguous attitude due to the complex combination of warm and cold colors in color at the same time. But if you take into account the fact that there are many shades of purple, and the headset can be two or three-color, you can find an option that is suitable for a particular style or size of the kitchen.

Features of color and its shades

Violet belongs to the group of cold colors, which has warm and cold shades in its spectrum. Among its shades distinguish lilac, purple, eggplant, plum, amethyst, color orchid, which in turn are divided into light and dark subtones.

The photo shows a purple set with matte facades that does not look dark due to the white table top and light interior decoration.

Purple can be called royal, the color of victory, inspiration, creativity and new ideas. It is also referred to as mystical flowers with high vibration and the ability to influence human mental processes. At the same time, it is a heavy color that should be diluted in the interior and not used independently.

Light shades of purple headset have a positive effect on the human condition and organs of vision, and dark purple in large quantities can cause depression and fatigue.

Form of kitchen set

When choosing a headset, it is important to rely on the size of the kitchen and the design of the future interior. The correct form will favorably emphasize the dignity of the kitchen and hide some of the disadvantages, for example, the irregular shape of the room.

Linear purple headset

Suitable for any room size, the idea is that the entire headset is located along one wall. There is also a parallel straight set, in which the components of the furniture are located along two walls. The number of boxes and canisters depends on the size of the kitchen. There is free space for a separate dining table.

The photo is a linear set, which combines warm and cold hues in different parts of the furniture.

Corner purple set

Helps to rationally use the space, while ergonomically used spacious corner cabinets. A sink or stove is also placed in the corner. Often, the angle is formed with the help of a bar counter, which serves as a separator between the living room and the kitchen in the studio.

U-shaped purple headset

As well as the corner, rationally divides the workspace and uses the window sill as a countertop or a place under the sink. Suitable for a rectangular kitchen of any size, but in a small kitchen there will be no space for a dining table, so this option is suitable for a home with a dining room or dining room.

Island Purple Set

Perfectly revealed in the large kitchen. Its feature is in the combination of a linear or angular headset with a central island table, which serves as an additional working surface, bar counter or dining table with spacious shelves or cabinets for storing dishes or blanks.

In the photo island one-color set, where the black tabletop and orange walls are the visual distinction between the top and bottom of the furniture.

Glossy, matte or metallic?

Purple set in one shade may look different due to the filing of color, style of kitchen and lighting.

Glossy Purple Headset

It has a number of features, reflects light, is suitable for a small kitchen, easily wipe surfaces, but also get dirty easily. Glossy gloss is achieved by PVC coating on MDF or chipboard facades, acrylic, varnish on wood panels, paint, plastic.

In the photo, a glossy set glows the light of additional light bulbs, which increases the space. Gloss is complemented by matte tiles and an apron.


Suitable for creating the effect of flicker and overflow of color due to the two or three-layer paint with aluminum powder composition, which is applied to MDF. Particularly suitable for an angular kitchen, where there are curved facades, on which a metallic overflow will be visible on a purple background.

Matte Purple Headset

It looks more conservative and familiar, traces are not so visible on it. It can be combined with a glossy ceiling or an apron, as this will give a visual increase. Suitable for medium size and kitchen with a large window.

The photo shows a medium-sized matte kitchen, the space of which is additionally increased by the white walls and the mirror surface of the cabinet.

Worktop and apron

The table top can be chosen to match the color of the facade, the color of the apron, the color of the floor or the dining table. It can also be a contrast for a purple headset, for example, white, black, yellow or orange. From the material it is better to choose stone countertops, from acrylic or artificial stone. When choosing a wooden tabletop you should pay attention to black, beige and white tree species.

In the photo, the working surface is made of artificial gray stone, which is not afraid of hot dishes and possible cuts.

The apron is best not to choose purple in order not to saturate the room. White, beige tile, mosaic, tempered glass with photo print, stone, brick, depending on the style of the kitchen. Suitable black, white, yellow, orange, red in pastel or bright colors. It looks good combination of the color of the apron with objects of decor, such as a flower pot, paintings, dishes.

Style selection

Violet can look completely different, based not only on the shade, but also on the style of the interior, as well as the chosen furniture.

Modern purple headset

It can be glossy, matte and combination. It is characterized by a combination of minimalism and functionality, straight lines, clarity and symmetry, the absence of obvious luxury and gold. The set can be with simple doors and with glass inserts. The table top will suit white, black, cream, brown.

Classic headset

Matt fronts, swing doors and carvings are typical of this style. The color can be dark purple, light lilac, complemented by white tulle, a hard lambrequin, a glossy black or wooden table top.

Provence style

Recognizable in the headset lavender shade, a characteristic sink and extractor, tile countertop or solid wood. In this style it is better to combine lavender with olive color and muted pink or yellow. In the interior, be sure to use flowers, checkered or floral curtains with a light drape.

In the photo is a stylized Provence kitchen with a recess in the wall for the stove, wooden windows and a clock.

For loft style

Fit the set in a cold shade of purple (purple, heliotrope, indigo) in combination with brick walls, black fittings, a chrome-plated mixer, wooden or white worktop and a variety of lighting fixtures with simple lampshades.

Wall finish and color

The materials used for finishing are plaster, paint, tile in the area of ​​the sink and hob, as well as wallpaper. For plaster and paint, it is important to level the walls, while under the vinyl and non-woven wallpaper you can hide small surface defects.

For a small kitchen fit all light colors (white, light gray, beige in any shade), wallpaper with a small pattern. For a large kitchen, you can choose wallpaper with wide stripes, a geometric pattern on a light background. Here you can make an accent wall using panels or 3D wallpaper.

In the photo there is a modern kitchen with white and purple photo wallpapers for the color of the facades of the kitchen unit.

If the set is dark or saturated purple, then the wallpaper should be light, if the furniture is lilac, violet or another light shade, then the walls can be gray, white and even dark, if the area allows and there is enough natural and artificial lighting.

Color combination

Monochromatic headsets are rarely used, especially in bright colors, so the combination of top and bottom furniture is becoming increasingly popular. It also combines the colors of the doors, the ends of the headset, different colors are arranged in a checkerboard pattern, alternating lines.

White and purple headset

It is organically combined, meets often and is suitable for any kitchen size. The color of the walls can be gray, white, purple in a different shade.

Gray-purple headset

In the glossy version is suitable for the modern style in combination with matte tiles and black worktop. Gray doesn't get dirty as quickly as white, but it looks just as presentable and won't bother you.

Black and purple headset

Suitable for a large kitchen and bold interior, which will always look elegant and chic. In combination with light lilac black will become an accent. For such a duet is better to choose light wallpaper.

Red purple

May be in warm or cold shade. The worktop and walls should be of a neutral color.

How to choose curtains?

The length of the curtains should be selected based on the location of the window, for example, if the window is located at the dining table, then the curtains can be long, if it is a window at the sink, they should be short and preferably with a lifting mechanism or a cafe-curtain will do.

This may be white translucent tulle, purple organza with embroidery, curtains, cafes, Roman curtains, Austrian with garters. A small lambrequin and tulle will suit the classics, for the modern style - Roman, roller, bamboo curtains. For Provence, you can use short curtains with lace border and embroidery lavender flowers.

The photo shows the interior in the style of modern classics with translucent tulle on the eaves attached lower than usual. Daylight is reflected by the glass and fills the kitchen with ease.

Photo gallery

Purple set is suitable for any style and is combined with both dark and light colors. The richness of shades allows you to create different kitchen interior designs in combination with decor and decoration. Below are photo examples of the use of a headset in purple in the interior of the kitchen.

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