Blinds in the kitchen: material, types, design, patterns and colors

Blinds to the kitchen are the main addition to the room. Thanks to a variety of materials and a wide range of colors, they are easy to match for any interior style.

Recommendations for choosing blinds for the kitchen

When selecting them, you should focus on the size and shape of the window, the total area of ​​the room and ease of maintenance.

  • It is better to choose models from fiberglass. They are quite simple in operation, treated with water-repellent compounds, easy to clean. They can be placed on the windows located near the stove.
  • Horizontal lamellas will allow you to adjust the proportions of the room, visually expand narrow window openings and free access to the window sill.
  • The window in the kitchen opens more often than in other rooms, so it is advisable to give preference to more reliable and durable structures made of metal components.

Types of window blinds

Allow to experiment, change the mood of the room, as well as provide an opportunity to add zest to the long-familiar interior.


Functional blinds are similar to curtains, cut into parallel strips and connected with cords. The design allows you to move them to the left, right or push in different directions from the middle. They are well breathable and protect from hot sunlight.

Horizontal or venetian

Quite a common form, which is most often used for small window openings. Horizontal slats are great for creating a cozy and homely atmosphere.


Cloth in the form of an accordion made of paper or fabric. Thanks to the elegance of their design, they emphasize any style and look original and tender.

The photo shows the interior of the kitchen and the windows, decorated with pleated blinds.


Such a large drape will be a practical and more suitable option for a spacious kitchen. They can replace the weighty compositions of curtains, curtains and lambrequins.

Ideas for fixing blinds

The type of attachment also forms the overall composition of the window and the room.

On the wall or frame (outside the window opening)

This mount covers a large area and allows further darkening of the room.

In the photo there is a kitchen-living room and horizontal blinds with a mounting option outside the window opening.

On window sash (interframe)

Convenient mounting does not prevent the opening and closing of the window, and frees up additional space on the windowsill. Slats are mounted on the sash of a wooden or plastic window. Sometimes they are embedded right inside a window or door glass unit.

Blinds lamella material

A wide choice of materials allows you to choose the blinds, the most suitable for a specific interior design.


Elements of paper interior design make lighting more soft and comfortable. They differ from their analogues versatility.


Unobtrusively diffuse sunlight, creating comfort in the room. Fabric products are best suited for non-standard size windows.

The photo shows the interior of the kitchen and vertical lamellae of red fabric.


Eco-friendly, natural, do not attract dust. The natural colors of bamboo are the most attractive. The presence of such lamellae in the room, will give it an unusual look.


Products from such a light metal are a classic solution for any interior. They are very easy to clean, do not absorb odors and are resistant to UV rays. The versatility and practicality allow you to apply them everywhere and create an original design of the room.


Wooden blinds are harmoniously combined with any pieces of furniture in the interior and allow you to make various interesting combinations. However, wooden lamellae are not suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity and dryness, as they can be deformed and lose their attractive appearance.

In the photo is a kitchen with a window decorated with horizontal wooden blinds.


Durable and durable, differ in small cost. Plastic slats are great for other materials. Monochrome options can be perfectly combined in color with the walls, headset or floor covering.


The length will help to give completeness to the design of the window, emphasize its advantages and neutralize the shortcomings.


Lamellas long to the window sill or to the tabletop combine in themselves elegance and convenience. This option is useful for decorating the window in small rooms.


Can completely replace curtains. Blinds from ceiling to floor visually increase the height, which is especially important for a small-sized kitchen with low ceilings.

Photos in various styles

Adhering to certain rules, you can pick up the blinds for the design of any style of space.


Serene, romantic and calm. Here it is advisable to use simple slats of light pastel colors, they should look light and airy on the windows.


This industrial style suggests a minimum of textiles, so laconic wooden or aluminum blinds are especially suitable for a loft-style kitchen. This window decoration is more consistent with this trend than traditional curtains.

On the photo is a loft-style kitchen and horizontal wood blinds.


A style in which pathos and emotions are absent, the play of light and chrome surfaces are welcomed. Look great aluminum horizontal or vertical slats.

In the photo, horizontal slats of black color in the interior of the kitchen in a modern style.

Country music

Homely, simple and quite comfortable style. Blinds successfully accentuate the design, give the kitchen even more individuality, and also fill it with cozy simplicity and family warmth.


Mono-fabric or plastic versions are especially appropriate here. Blinds are placed on the entire window opening or on separate doors. Original will look pleated with a subtle ornament.


Noble and refined in its simplicity style, involving a copious amount of sunlight. Such a kitchen will give a feeling of harmony and comfort. Most often, simple designs made from natural materials are used.

The photo shows a Scandinavian-style kitchen interior with pleated blinds on the windows.

Color palette

In addition to all its other properties, blinds have a huge color spectrum.


Very spectacular. The presence in the interior of this color will make it bright and passionate. In addition, the red room warms and it ceases to be cold, dull and lifeless.


Neutral, harmonious background color. Such lamellae do not accentuate attention and are combined with other tones in the interior.


It creates a feeling of freshness and comfort, this color does not burden and fits to different styles and trends. In the interior, green lamellas look elegant and noble. The small kitchen can be decorated with short light green blinds.


In its own unique color. It radiates heat and special energy, makes the room cozy and creates a sunny mood in it.

The photo shows a kitchen with yellow blinds-pleated windows.


Perfect for window decoration in the kitchen, located on the north side, such a room he immediately fill with light and heat. For kitchens located on the south side, it is better to choose more delicate shades, such as apricot or salmon.


The combination of simplicity and grace. White blinds expand the space, symbolize purity, innocence and create a bright atmosphere.

The black

Black lamels will become an original, surprising, provocative accent throughout the interior. They should be used in rooms in which there is a large number of sources of artificial lighting.

In the photo, the kitchen interior and horizontal slats are black on the window.

Design, patterns and shape

Inspired to create ideas, creativity and experimentation.


Practical, because, unlike the monochromatic versions, they are less visible to pollution. Such blinds made of even the most inexpensive material look spectacular. Bright floral motifs with tulips, daisies or roses will change the look of the room and fill it with beauty.


Geometric patterns create a special visual effect and set the rhythmic order in space.

Photo blinds

Will help beyond recognition to change the look of the room. Products with photo printing with their bright prints will lighten the mood and bring dynamism to the kitchen interior.

In the photo there is a kitchen and a window with vertical blinds with photo printing.

In the form of an arch

Blinds made in the form of arched, cascading or triangular in shape will be an original addition to the design of such a window and will further emphasize the unusualness of its appearance.


If the windows are decorated correctly, the room becomes cozy and filled with comfort.

With tulle

It turns out fashionable and beautiful combination. Blinds give the window and interior a strict and functional look, and tulle adds a more aesthetic and unique style to the window design.

With drapes

Horizontal lamellas combined with curtains will look no less wonderful. This combination will give the room comfort and solemnity. Curtain is an attribute of home comfort, and blinds are a working mechanism. Together they will make the kitchen modern, functional and beautiful.

Different colors

Colorful decor element will be a source of good mood. Color compositions enliven the monochrome interior of the kitchen and combine all the bright accents. Combine yellow-orange, red-white and many other lamellae of rainbow colors.

Non-standard kitchen solutions

Blinds can act not only as decor for windows, but also become an excellent non-template option for solving non-standard tasks.

Instead of the door

The use of vertical or horizontal structures in the role of a door or interior partition can often be found in modern kitchens. This decor will make the room much easier and airy, and also significantly expand the boundaries of space.

With balcony door

Practical, inexpensive and highly functional option that allows you to adjust the level of illumination of the room, without limiting access to the window and door. Particularly impressive with this design look French doors.

Features of the design of a small kitchen

There are some features that should be considered when making.

  • It is better to arrange windows with vertical structures with wide lamellae, they will make the ceiling higher.
  • Choosing horizontal blinds it is better to fasten them from wall to wall, thus it will turn out to give space to volume.
  • For a small kitchen it would be better to choose models of light shades or those that are combined with the color of the walls. Due to this, you can visually enlarge the room.

Photo Gallery

Blinds in the kitchen will be a good solution and suitable for the interior of almost any style. Competently selected material and type of construction will create an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality.

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