Tulle in the kitchen: types, choice of fabric, colors, design, patterns, combination with curtains

Often, choosing tulle in the kitchen, people pay attention to modern materials, forgetting about the eternal classics. Designers have learned to combine tulle with modern materials, giving him a second birth. With a combination of tulle with roller blinds, lambrequins or blinds, you can create an exclusive interior in the kitchen.

Which fabric is better to choose?

Modern manufacturers offer tulle material for every taste and budget. From the point of view of practicality, the material of the cloths should be well cleaned and not deformed during washing. Before choosing a tulle in the kitchen, you need to figure out which material and which interior is better to choose.


It is a thin, tough, transparent fabric. Traditionally, silk, viscose or polyester have been used for the production of organza.


Smooth, soft, translucent fabric. The main feature of the veil is the ability to transmit and diffuse sunlight, which is an advantage when choosing a window frame that is oriented to the dark side.


Very light, transparent fabric, made of cotton threads. It is capable to pass freely air, shading at the same time the room from sunshine.

In the photo there is a white thread curtain in the interior of the kitchen with an island.


Light, translucent fabric that diffuses light and is able to protect the room from prying eyes. Chiffon is made from cotton or silk threads.


Manufacturers of tulle offer a huge selection of materials on the texture.


The window looks beautiful in combination with curtains or other modern materials. It is not recommended to use a material with a texture - a grid without an additional background, since it will not protect the kitchen from either the sun's rays or from prying eyes.


It is very durable, despite its visual weightlessness. Made from silk or synthetic. Does not require ironing after washing. You can use the cobweb, alone or in combination with other types of fabric.


Modern designers recommend using this type of fabric in bright interiors to emphasize contrasting accents and soothe the overall background.


It has an amazing ability to transmit light and retain the sun's rays. It is the ideal solution for windows oriented to the south. It is not rumpled at all.


Does not require ironing and a very long time retains its original shape. If desired, you can decorate these paintings with contrasting beads.

Sizes of kitchen tyuly

The choice of size depends on the area of ​​the kitchen.


Successfully fit into the kitchen interior of a small area, without interfering, if necessary, open the window.

The photo shows a classic kitchen with short tulle decorated with fringe.

A long

It will look gorgeous in the spacious room of the kitchen-dining room. Favorably highlight the high cost of the interior.

Design options in various styles

The stylistic design of the kitchen allows you to convey the emotional component and personal preferences of the owners.


When decorating a kitchen window in a rustic French style, you should choose tulle with a light pastel base tone and a bright floral print.


The classic style is appropriate in rooms with a large area, as it implies a curtain to the floor. In the classics tulle in the kitchen, either white or light pastel colors. On the material allowed small pattern.

The photo has a classic interior, the windows are decorated with chic tulle with hooks.


In modern kitchen tyuly, there can be completely different colors or, in general, multi-colored, as well as a geometric print, for example, with triangles. Suitable as saturated monochromatic colors, for example, burgundy, and with photo printing.

High tech

The high-tech curtain can be equipped with a mechanism that allows access to the window from the control panel and as simple as possible, possibly, geometric colors.

Color spectrum

The color of the tulle should be in harmony with the color of the furniture in the kitchen. In case of difficulty in choosing, preference should be given to light or pastel tones.


Classic color for framing the window in the kitchen, especially a small area. But when choosing a white color, it should be noted that it is aggressive and is best combined with a calm, bright interior.


Neutral, calm color. But when choosing a beige color it should be borne in mind that there are two shades of beige color - warm and cold.


Extends space perfectly and is ideal for dark rooms. Increases vitality and enhances appetite.


Light and airy green tulle will enliven and refresh the kitchen space. Green color belongs to natural natural colors and therefore well calms the human psyche.


It will give lightness to the interior, as the delicate blue color is associated with pure celestial spaces. Best of all in harmony with warm green, delicate pink or peach flowers.


It is a complex, paradoxical color, the brightness of which varies depending on the degree of saturation. A monochromatic palette of gray fabric in the kitchen will be equally well combined with both blue headsets and sunflowers on the wallpaper.


Aristocratic color, able to emphasize the status of the owner of the kitchen with such curtains. The interior with brown tulle creates a feeling of isolation and security. This color has a significant drawback: in combination with dark furniture, it reduces the visual area of ​​the kitchen.


Ideal for north facing windows. Add light and heat.

The photo shows a French yellow curtain.


Color that emphasizes attention, so it’s important, on the one hand, not to overdo it, on the other hand, to supplement the interior of the kitchen with red tulle of the same color with dishes or textiles. It looks good combination of white and red, for example, a cell.


Suitable for kitchens decorated in modern styles or country, Provence. When choosing a pink tone framing the window to the kitchen, it is important that the color of the furniture is matte or has a wood structure.


Sounds like creative and romantic people. It transforms a room and turns a nondescript atmosphere into a refined interior, conducive to a conversation.

Design photo

Tulle in the kitchen is not only an interior item, but also the final touch when creating a certain interior.

To one side

Ideal for rooms with a gas stove near the window opening, as well as provide a room with good ventilation.


Fringe on the fabric is an expressive means emphasizing the self-sufficiency of the interior. Fringe can be made of individual threads, pompons, tassels or glass beads.


Oblique tulle adds asymmetry to the interior, giving visual lightness from the short side and highlights details from the long side.

Of two halves

The tulle of the two halves is functional, as it provides good access to the window. Both short and long canvases of two halves look equally good.


This type of tulle in the kitchen is ideal in small spaces. Looks very modern and unusual.


Tulle arch (arc) on the windows look great. The atmosphere at the same time feels light and tender, which can not give long canvases.

Drawings and patterns

Tulle with bright patterns and patterns will be suitable for quiet interiors of the kitchen, with a bright general background, you should choose patterns of more calm tones.


They can be of different widths, depending on the location of the horizontal or vertical, they can visually expand the space of the kitchen or lift the ceilings.


The pattern on the tulle can be embroidered, embroidered or bobbin. Lace is solid or with separate inserts. Such tulle transmits light into the kitchen and protects from unnecessary looks.


Fabric with a flower print will add a cosiness and tenderness to an interior of the room. Flowers can be with elements of wildlife, for example, with butterflies. It is used both independently and with the addition of plain curtains.

On the photo is a curtain with a floral print, the interior is decorated in the style of Provence.

With embroidery

Embroidery is a popular trend. Popular golden embroidery on tulle, which gives a unique luxury to the interior of the kitchen.

Attachment to the eaves

The choice of method of fastening tulle to the eaves directly depends on the preferences of the owners of the interior.


Ideal to hold any kind of fabric, without deforming the top edge, and allowing the canvases to fold into elegant flounces, which is especially important when choosing tulle for the kitchen-living room.

The photo shows a short tulle on brown eyelets.


Tulle on the rings looks no worse than the grommets. But at the same time rings represent an additional element of decorating the window in the kitchen. Rings can be either the same color or combined.


Similar to the strings, this mount fits any type of interior. Usually the loops are made of the same material as the tulle fabric, but sometimes you should choose a material that differs in color and texture.


Need to be careful when choosing this method of attachment. It is not suitable for all types of kitchen interior. For example, if the room is decorated in the style of a loft, modern classic or minimalism - this mount will be inappropriate. But well fit into more romantic interiors.

Custom Windows

In addition to the usual rectangular shape, now in the kitchen there are windows in different versions.

With balcony door

To decorate the window opening of the kitchen with a balcony door, you can use either a single floor-length cloth or two tulles: one length up to the window sill, the other completely covering the exit door to the balcony.

The photo shows an example of a window with a balcony door with curtains with a rigid lambrequin.

Bay window

The main task of the bay window in the kitchen: to give the room an increased degree of illumination, on the basis of this tulle for the window should not prevent sunlight from entering the room.

Corner window

Requires splendor and wealth. Laconic tulle in the kitchen with such an opening will look less interesting.

With two windows

Windows on one wall can be easily decorated with any type of tulle, following simple rules.

  • First, you need to consider the width of the pier (tulle should not overlap the wall of the kitchen);
  • Secondly, the tulle should not be too frequent drape;
  • Third, the tulle should be the same or complement each other.

Tulle blend

It is advantageous to emphasize the style of the interior of the kitchen will be able to various combinations of tulle with other materials. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of taste, so as not to spoil the design.

Roman curtains

This combination will not everyone. In order not to spoil the impression of the interior of the kitchen with this type of combination, you need to have good taste and know the rules for combining materials of different colors and textures.

Roller blinds

The combination of airy types of fabric with opaque roller blinds looks very modern and can surprise any guests.

In the photo, the combination of tulle and roll curtains in white.


Classic combination. In the daytime, light tulle will decorate the window, letting the light in, and in the dark, closed curtains will protect the kitchen area with the lights on from outside gaze.

The photo shows a thick green satin curtain of satin and light white tulle.


To combine tulle with blinds is fashionable and comfortable. Blinds give the room austerity, and tulle comfort and a sense of completeness. And this combination regulates the intensity of the incoming light.


It is on the window that the first glance of anyone who enters the kitchen falls. Lambrequin will be a bright accent against the background of tulle.

With grab

Tiebacks allow you to create beautiful waves and folds on the material of tulle, as well as push the curtains in the daytime.

Features of the choice of tulle for a small kitchen

It is widely believed that tulle takes up a lot of space and is a bad solution to decorating the kitchen window in a small kitchen.

  • Properly chosen color of tulle is able to visually expand the area or raise the ceiling of the kitchen - all you need to do is hang the airy material with a gradient from dark color from the bottom to the light closer to the ceiling.
  • The color of the tulle is preferred light, but not necessarily white.
  • It is necessary to refuse large drawings.

Photo gallery

Whatever type of material is chosen, it should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, adding comfort.

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