The color of the walls in the kitchen: tips on choosing, the most popular colors, the combination with the set

The color of the walls in the kitchen is a very important design element, on which the harmony of the whole interior will depend. The competent choice of a shade will allow to set the certain mood to the room and to create in it the favorable atmosphere.

Tips for choosing colors

Basic rules for color wall decoration:

  • Dark colors visually conceal and reduce the area of ​​the room, and light colors significantly increase it. Therefore, to decorate a small kitchen should choose pastel shades.
  • It is not advisable to use cold colors in an overly spacious kitchen, as this will not favorably influence the situation and will cause a feeling of spatial emptiness.
  • Shades of dark color spectrum should be used for kitchens located on the sunny side. Bright and bright colors are suitable for rooms that are in the shade most of the time.
  • For feng shui, it is recommended to choose cold or light shades, such as white, green, light yellow, beige, light brown or blue.
  • In a room with walls in inconspicuous tones, you should create bright accents due to contrasting furniture, curtains, upholstery of chairs or textiles.

Ideas for combining wall color and headset

If the headset is made in bright, eye-catching tones, then it would be desirable to paint the walls in more calm and neutral colors or vice versa. For example, brown, green, orange or blue color of walls is perfect for a white headset.

In the photo is a white kitchen set in combination with the walls in blue.

You can also create a bright color accent by decorating the apron in the opposite color to the kitchen set.

The most popular wall colors in the interior

The color palette of the walls is considered to be the most important element in decorating the kitchen, and the entire look of the interior will depend on the right selected shade.


Undoubtedly will give the room additional volume, brightness and pure white. This color is rather ambiguous, since it has a huge variety of various shades: chalky, milky, creamy or opal.

White brings graphicity and stylishness to the interior, he perfectly emphasizes the volume and texture of other decorative elements, while not drawing attention to himself.


Extravagant, but very harmonious blue shade, is very relevant in the design of the walls in the kitchen. This color of sea wave always looks just great and forms a light, as if air-filled design.

In the photo there is a small kitchen with walls decorated with blue wallpapers.

Red walls

Burgundy walls will add a certain piquancy to the room and make the interior more active and pronounced.

On the photo wall with burgundy color in the interior of a classic kitchen.

Complex, bright and deep red tones, in the kitchen they look boldly, extravagantly and attract all the attention to themselves.

These colors dramatically transform the room, making it truly stylish, fashionable and attractive. This wall decoration is very bold and extraordinary, and is perfect for creating exclusive and memorable interiors.

Green color

Fill the atmosphere with summer greenery and optimism. Green, pistachio or lime enliven the space and add to it juiciness.

In the photo the interior of a modern kitchen with walls made in green.

Shades of green

Natural green shades always have a very positive effect on the atmosphere in the room.


It copes well with both the main and secondary roles in the design of the kitchen. Menthol tint adds freshness to the space, a feeling of languid coolness and blends beautifully with almost all colors.

Mint due to its natural appearance, pleasant looking, does not cause fatigue and irritation, and does not bother.

In the photo kitchen in bright colors with a mint accent wall.


Natural, natural and warm olive tone, allows you to create amazing, elegant and attractive color combinations, due to which it turns out to change the design beyond recognition and make it truly extraordinary.

Light green

Fill the atmosphere with positive emotions and create a positive and cheerful atmosphere. The light green background in the kitchen space emphasizes and highlights the rest, both dark and light interior elements.

Dark green

Deep and noble dark green, will give the room a special mystery and give the interior a presentable appearance. However, this design of the walls should be used only in rooms with good lighting, so as not to get a dark and depressing atmosphere.

The photo shows the interior of a classic kitchen with dark green wall decorations.

Grey colour

Gray or light gray, combine striking elegance and simplicity. Thanks to their restraint, they are a modern sign of good taste; they create complete harmony and balance in the room and fill it with a haze of mystery.


Gentle pink always forms a warm and homely atmosphere. Soft and sophisticated shades make the design more sensual.

In the photo kitchen-dining room with bright walls painted in pink.


A variety of shades of orange, such as pumpkin, amber or ocher, create a very warm, rich, toning and filled with positive energy interior, and the peach allows you to make the design of the walls unobtrusive and muted.


Due to its versatility, beige is often used to decorate the kitchen with any style decision. This tone is considered neither warm nor cold and therefore allows you to create a very beautiful interior with a precise mood and style.

In the photo, the kitchen and the walls are decorated with beige wallpaper with a checkered print.


Chocolate and coffee shades - this is a classic option for the formation of a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Brown carries nobility and high cost and is universal.


Cool and deep blue gives color to the space and creates accents in it. Because of its royal coldness and certain severity, this coloring is better suited for rooms located on the south side.


Associated with the bright sun and undoubtedly fills the room with vigor and energy. Yellow, mustard or lemon wall decor looks creative and creates a feeling of additional lighting in the room.

The black

Such a captivating and provocative color will undoubtedly become one of the main accents of the kitchen. Black in the interior looks just amazing and is considered an indicator of chic, wealth and exquisite taste.


Lavender or purple tones will allow you to create a refined and sophisticated setting, filled with special romance and sensuality. Rich purple colors will give the design an elegant luxury, bright expressiveness and uncommonness.

Color combinations

There is a monochromatic, neutral or contrasting color combination. With their proper use in the interior will be able to most accurately convey the main idea of ​​the design of the room.

The best color combinations

The most successful color combinations.

Black and white

This contrast cardinally corrects the appearance of the entire room and completely changes its mood and character. The black and white combination is a bright dominant, due to which a catchy and undoubtedly spectacular kitchen design is obtained.

Blue with white

A duet of blue and white gives the space a solid look. With competently proportional use of these colors, you can achieve a truly excellent decorative result.

The photo shows a kitchen interior with a combination of white and blue colors on the wall.

Red with black

The most successful and very stylish two-color combination. Extravagant fiery red in combination with luxurious black creates an incredible tandem that fills the space with solemnity, sensuality and elegant drama.

Photos in various styles of interior

Each style direction has its own specific color character.


For the general background in the classics, apply low pastel, neutral, calm or noble shades. For example, it can be pale pink, beige, sandy, pale blue, cream, pale yellow or other tones diluted with large portions of white. Such unobtrusive and muted wall decoration will become an integral part of this style.


Calm, as if a little faded undertones, such as pale blue, lilac, olive, pink, beige with the addition of bright and saturated accents in the form of cornflower blue, turquoise or amber yellow, will create an atmosphere as close as possible to the French Provence.

In the photo beige wall decoration in the kitchen, made in the style of Provence.


For this style appropriate color range, which includes no more than two or three shades that should be perfectly combined with each other. Quite often for modern design use white, natural beige, gray or milk. They are an excellent background for creating any design ideas.

Photo gallery

The color of the walls allows you to create an atmosphere in the kitchen that will contribute to a good and positive pastime and a positive and benevolent attitude. Properly chosen tint solution suggests the formation of complete harmony in space.

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