Beautiful design of bedrooms from architect Alexandra Fedorova

Studioarchitect Fedorova Alexandra is located in Russia in the city of Moscow. The Bureau is engaged in the design and design of public and residential buildings. The basic principle of the work is "to create modern architecture and interiors that will be relevant in any time, in 10, 20, 30 years, not obsolete, and therefore forever valuable."

Works architect Fedorova Alexandra was published in various magazines, such as: Domus, SALON interior, Monitor, interior digest, Russia project, Wallpaper, Interior + Design, Beautiful apartments, Architectural herald, Modern House.

A great example of her work is this small collection. design bedrooms.

Luxury bedroom and bathroom design in one room.

Bedroom design in brown tones.

Photos of beautiful bedroom design in beige-brown color with a separate cabinet.

Beautiful bedroom design with gold-colored pendants and marbled walls.

Modern style bedroom with lounge chair and plasma TV.

Beautiful bedroom design with unusual lamps-suspensions and a bed "floating" in the air.

Design bedroom in a minimalist style with a desk and built-in plasma panel.

Bedroom design in black and white with a separate seating area.

Photos of beautiful bedroom designin minimalism style.

Interior bedroom combined with a balcony.

Bedroom design in brown tones with unusual wall decoration using wood and mirrors.

Beautiful bedroom design in a beige-brown tone with a "soaring" bed and unusual shelves for greenery.

Photos of beautiful bedroom design in high-tech style.

Watch the video: Room ideas luxury apartment design by alexandra fedorova (April 2020).

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