Design bedroom 17 sq. M. m

Task bedroom interior in the apartment - to create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, relaxing. It should be borne in mind that it is also necessary to place in the room storage space, for example, a chest of drawers for clothes. While creating bedroom design 17 square meters. m all this was taken into account.

For the design of the bedroom, they used calm sandy gray tones; black, yellow, and dark blue serve as color accents. With all this in the interior of the bedroom in the apartment Goes well with dark wood.

Design bedroom 17 sq. M. m designed in the style of the sixties. The ceiling niche and the wall at the head of the bed are decorated with vinyl records with bright yellow labels in the center, black and yellow patterns diverging from them along the wall add brightness to this decor.

Using 3D panels in the interior of the bedroom in the apartment allowed to highlight the area in which the bed is located. The mattress instead of the usual spring filled with water, which makes sleep especially enjoyable.

On the opposite wall are suspended cabinets. Their location seems chaotic, but in fact this "negligence" is well thought out. The dark wood, which stands out brightly on the pastel background of the wall, forms a peculiar geometric composition. In the center - a fireplace, giving a real flame. It uses liquid fuel that is absolutely safe for the environment.

The glass in the wooden door was replaced with black. The reflection of the backlight in it serves as an additional decoration. Generallybedroom design 17 square meters. m turned out strict and concise.

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