Children's room in green

One of the most important moments when creating a room for a child is the choice of its color solution. Light waves of various lengths, which determine exactly which color we see, affect our well-being and health. Especially they will act on the baby, because children are much more sensitive than adults.

Nursery in shades of green - universal choice. Green soothes, reduces the load on the optic nerve, which has a beneficial effect on vision, and also creates a special attitude that helps to assimilate new things - and this is so important for a child who literally makes new discoveries every day. Children's room green allows you to use in the interior of other natural colors, such as wood, sand, sky, sun.

If the baby’s room is on the sunny side, use more muted shades of green. And the baby and teen nursery in green will act beneficially: babies will sleep more easily, older ones will be more assiduous when preparing lessons.

A wealth of shades of green will allow to arrange nursery in shades of green given the nature of the child. A very light greenish-blue shade will suit a baby. For active children, shades should be light, soft. Restless children do better in rooms with olive-green walls.Nursery in green this hue will improve performance. Younger students are more effectively trained, if in children's room green hang on the walls of textbooks.

Restless, badly falling asleep children will become much calmer if they are placed in nursery in green. In a pinch, you can make a green bedside curtain green, or paint at least part of the wall near the bed in green tones.

How to be parents whose children have a calm, even temper? Children's room green fit in this case. But it is worth adding brightness to it with elements of orange, pink, yellow, bright blue colors, perhaps even red. It can be cushions, poufs for seating and games, curtains, and other decorative elements.

Nursery in shades of green should not be boring and monotonous. The playing area can be painted in a brighter color to cause psychomotor activity. Use different shades of green, add contrasting tones.

Green is a unisex color, in such a room it will be good for both boys and girls. If there are two children, and they are opposite-sex, then nursery in green - optimal solution. Doctors say that green enhances immunity, and this is an important reason to make nursery in green, especially if the child is often sick.


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