An interesting solution for the interior of the teenage room

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Unusual interior of the teenage room lined up around a bed occupying a central place in a multifunctional space. A bed with a “secret” can be turned into a comfortable sofa. Around her - a kind of cubic storage system, in which everything is unusual - even the wardrobe that is being pushed.

Design a child for a teenage girl it is sustained in light, natural natural tones. White walls, the color of natural wood, calm mint and coral shades - all this does not cause harsh emotions, and allows you to create a calm atmosphere.

We can say that the interior is made in the style of minimalism - there is little furniture, the decor is almost absent, except for a few colored triangles on the walls and on the floor. An interesting solution for the nursery - posters with images of beetles, as a tribute to the hobby of the hostess of entomology.

AT the interior of the teenage room environmentally friendly materials were used: wood, rattan, gypsum, flax, cotton, wool.


The central “cube” with bedding and storage systems is the main decorative element in child's design for a teenage girl. At the same time, this is the main subject, which carries a variety of functions.

The cube is made of plywood, resistant to stress. This solution allows you to save money - because plywood is much cheaper than a wooden array, and at the same time its decorative qualities are not inferior to it.

An interesting solution for the nursery - processing of the cube in various ways. Part of it was coated with water-emulsion paint, and part was scraped and left uncoated. This technique allows you to more clearly highlight the wood pattern.

On the left and right of the transformer sofa are shelves and storage boxes covered with facades.

Below it is a withdrawable system of two large drawers.

Books and cute knick-knacks, which each girl has so much, are located in the open shelves on the outside of the “cube” and serve as an additional decoration child's design for a teenage girl.

Pillows, covered with decorative fabric, with the help of which the bed can be easily transformed into a sofa, can be removed at night in a specially reserved place in a niche.

Another important piece of furniture in the interior of the teenage room - A large table made of natural oak. It is equipped with small drawers that slide forward, similar to the drawers at the bureau.


The sofa is illuminated by turning lights, the main lighting is overhead lights. And they both use LEDs as a light source, which saves electricity.

Above the table is a pendant with a decorative wooden cartridge that is in harmony with the general style of the room.

An interesting solution for the nursery - Replacement of the TV on the projector, controlled from a laptop. Thus, two goals are achieved at once: the child will not watch “everything in a row” on TV, but at the same time the necessary training programs and films are available at any time from the Internet.

Source: The Apartment Question Program
Project: "Cube Intellect"

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