How to choose baby bedding for girls?

Baby bedding for girls must meet all the requirements for baby clothes in general, and, first of all, it concerns the material from which it is made. The health of any child, and especially babies, depends on the composition of the material and the method of stitching.

Requirements for the material:

  • hypoallergenic (materials should not cause allergies, as a rule, natural fabrics meet this requirement);
  • hygroscopicity (well absorbs moisture and evaporates it well, without creating a feeling of “compress” on the body);
  • hygiene (linen should be easily washed, withstand high temperatures and ironing, while maintaining the original appearance for a long time);
  • antibacterial (not conducive to the proliferation of bacteria);
  • anti-static (fabric should not accumulate static electricity).

In addition to all the above, baby clothes should also be pleasant to the touch.

Ideal for making baby bedding sets for girlsand for boys linen and cotton fabrics, it is also possible to use natural silk. Most often you can find bedding made of satin, flannel, flax, percale and ranfors.

Plots for bedding for girls

Drawings and colors of bed linen in the nursery are determined, of course, taking into account the design. Beautiful lingerie awakens positive emotions, which contributes to a good mood and well-being of the child.

  • Cartoon characters

Favorite images from fairy tales or cartoons (Winx, Little Mermaid, Smurfs) on bedding set for girls help create a magical atmosphere and awaken the imagination.

  • Princesses

Princes and princesses, carriages and other “royal” attributes help to form a child’s self-esteem.

  • Animals

Baby bedding for girls may be decorated with pictures or photos of kittens, puppies or other animals.

  • Landscapes

Also suitable are natural motifs, photoprints with the image of colorful landscapes or flowers.

  • Solid colors

Bedding sets for girls may also be monotonous, but necessarily bright, not boring in color. Tasteful bedding indirectly affects the formation of good taste in a child.


The choice of color for bed linen plays a big role, and the child's temperament is dictated primarily. Too active children, those who fall asleep badly and sleep restlessly, should avoid red and orange tones. They are suitable diluted pastel shades of blue, pink, green. Too calm children can pick up brighter colors and larger color spots. This coloring stimulates the imagination.

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