Design Ideas for Balconies and Loggias

Even a balcony with a small area can be turned into an additional and functional room. Interesting ideas for loggias or a lot of balconies, let's look at some of them.

Ideas for the design of balconies and loggias:

Seating area

The main difference design balconies and loggias from all other rooms that almost a fourth part of the entire surface is open to the sun and light. Thanks to this factor, the balcony area can be used as a relaxation area. It will only be necessary to equip the room with necessary furniture: a table, a small sofa, armchairs or pillows.

Storage area

Using built-in wardrobes, racks, dressers or shelves to store various things will be wonderful idea for a balcony or loggias.


You can use the loggia as a study, for this you need to install a computer desk, a comfortable chair for work, as well as organize on the walls shelves for storing working documentation.


Great idea for a balcony and the loggia will be the dining room. Here you can install a dining table or a bar, and also make racks for storing kitchen utensils.

Creative workshop

For creative people great ideas for loggias there will be a mini workshop. Here you can install an easel, arrange a place for sewing or a machine for working with clay. A huge amount of light and fresh air will favorably influence the creative result.

Garden or vegetable garden

In addition to indoor flowers and plants on the bolcon, you can successfully grow vegetables and greens. The main thing is to organize the system of watering and heating.


Another one idea for a loggia - bed mats, arrange sports equipment and you will go in for sports in the open air and in the sunlight, for health it will be a great solution.

Children's play room

Even for children in design of balconies and loggias There is a solution - a separate game room with modules for storing toys.

Sunbathing area

For lovers of sunbathing there is a great idea for a balcony - set the deck chair and enjoy the summer days.

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