Balcony interior with dressing room

Balcony should not be considered as a repository for the obsolete and long not necessary things. But arrange dressing room on the balconyAdjacent to the bedroom - it's stylish, modern and fashionable!

If the balcony is small, the area of ​​its walls may not be enough to fit the required number of cabinets. There is an option: to sacrifice windows, of course, partially. Cabinets can be placed around the perimeter of the balcony, their height should be limited only by the height of the balcony. But do not get carried away - in the center you should definitely leave at least a small window, otherwise daylight will not get into the bedroom.

In order for the dressing room area to appear larger, the furniture should be light, preferably white. Doors in all cabinets are not necessary, it is better to refuse them altogether - the place is seriously saved, but functionally they are not needed, because the balcony will be a wardrobe, that is, in essence, a wardrobe.

Mirrors - the most important component dressing room on the balcony. They will visually enlarge the space and give an opportunity to dress nicely and neatly. Instead of a wall mirror, which will have no place to hang here, you can use mirror doors of the cabinets.

At the window you can put a small dressing table with a stool - they will not take up much space, and the convenience of a dressing room will greatly increase. In addition, such a group will decorate your interior and give it individuality. The lamp on the table also serves as a decorative element, but, in addition, allows to improve the lighting of the dressing room.

An important role in the interiordressing room on the balcony play curtains. Even if the window turned out to be quite small, the curtains will help to decorate the room and create a mood in it. Long curtains lying on the floor will add a touch of luxury, and vertical stripes will allow a little “lift” the ceiling.

Additional decorative elements, such as rugs in the form of skins, can assume an accent role and tell about your character.

Spread your decorations on the open shelves - they will make the interior even brighter and more individual.

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