The most beautiful pools of the world

We offer you a selection of the most beautiful pools of the worldin which you can not only indulge in relaxing treatments, but also fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

San Alfonso del Mar Resort.

Hotel in Chile, equipped with a swimming pool, champion in size. The water area is located on an area of ​​eight hectares, filled with 250 cubic meters of sea water. Water is supplied directly from the Pacific Ocean, filtered and heated to the desired temperature.

The pool is so large that by its surface, you can ride on rented boats and scooters. In 2006, the giant pool was recognized as the largest in the world and was noted in the Book of Records. Perhaps it the most beautiful pool in the world.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The next member of our parade the most beautiful pools, swimming pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore. The hotel is built in such a way that on a specially created terrace, there are several pools and gardens.

The main pool is located on the fifty-fifth floor of a skyscraper and its uniqueness lies in an unusual pool interiorbeing at a two-hundred-meter height, the tank has no visible sides, it creates the feeling that water is poured over the edge, directly onto the building. The stunning view of the city shining with lights fascinates and amazes, many people call this pool the most beautiful pool in the world.

Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland.

A small eco-hotel, a highlight of which is a heated outdoor pool. You can swim in it at any time of the year. Pool interior and the outdoor jacuzzi does not require additional decorations, because it is located overlooking the beautiful Alps.

Ubud Hanging Gardens, a hotel in Bali.

Interior pools designed in such a way that organically looks in a landscape of jungle wildlife. Total swimming pools at the hotel thirty-eight. Pools are located in the form of terraces on top of each other, each of them is allocated for a separate guest. A magnificent view of the hills and the temple gives an incomparable feeling of peace.

Hacienda Na Xamena.

The five-star Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel in Ibiza is rightfully considered the owner of beautiful pools of the world. The hotel is small in size, located in a secluded bay. The complex of three pools, cascaded, overlooking the endless expanse of the sea. The interior of the pool includes the use of natural motifs, stone barriers in the form of reefs, which gives a feeling of complete harmony with nature.

Grace Santorini Hotel.

Grace Santorini Hotel, in Greece is located on the top of Santorini, a volcanic rock. Large terraces with several pools are located overlooking the blue sea. The cascade of pools takes a worthy place in the list the most beautiful pools of the world. Water in the pool and jacuzzi can be changed by temperature, as desired. In the room for the newlyweds there is a separate pool and jacuzzi.

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