Design of a rectangular studio apartment with one window

Can that rectangular studio apartment to become a full-fledged housing, let's add to this a total area of ​​just forty-six meters and, in fact, one window. Architects studio JPDA from New York, boldly answer - he can.

Rectangular studio designwas designed for a young couple. The aim of the project was to create a comfortable space with a maximum free area and a mandatory separation of the sleeping and working areas.

The difficulty in implementation was in particular the configuration of the room, it was necessary to take into account that the planned design studio with one windowIt is impossible to provide sufficient natural light in all rooms. For finishing all surfaces two colors were chosen as natural as possible and expanding the space: white and natural color of wood.

According to the project, rectangular studio apartment, conventionally divided into two large areas marked with color. Hallway, kitchen and bedroom, made in wood. Common living room-office, in white. The lack of natural lighting was compensated for by the enhanced illumination of the walls and the ceiling with spotlights.

The workplace, most in need of lighting, combined with the living area, which is also a common room, in studio design with one window, took place at the window openings.

The optimal location of the living room allows the owners to feel more comfortable, despite the fact that the configuration rectangular studio apartment, not only compact, but also “locked” between the blank walls.

An extra find in the unusual rectangular studio design, became a zone for sleep. Thanks to the high ceilings, the sleeping module was raised six steps up. A separate area, reminiscent of a cozy corner, storage system, originally located in the steps themselves and in white cabinets, merging with the wall, helps the owners keep the house in order.

It should be noted the skill of decorators, the choice of closed deaf cabinets, which merge with the walls or constitute a part of them design studio with one window a sense of purity of space. The combined bathroom looks quite spacious, the “wet floor” system used for the shower made it possible to create a comfortable bath room, and the toilet bowl saves space by means of a hanging console.

Generally rectangular studio design turned out, even if he would not have approached everyone, but the owners are quite happy, because their house has become cozy and comfortable.

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