Design studio of 20 sq.m.

For creating interior apartment 20 sq. m., a lot of various interior items were used. In order to create a diversified and affordable version of the furniture, designers purchased furniture from IKEA;

Other firms have also been used to studio apartments of 20 sq.m. it was important to save space and use it with maximum benefit, and from this point of view, furniture was selected. Cabinets, TV stand from Florence and a bar stool with a soft Mira seat.

To maximize visual perception design studio 20 sq.m., the authors of the project decided to use the standard technique with the use of white color and mirror finish of the walls, capable of making the space wider.

On the main white background interior apartment 20 sq. m. the addition, in the form of lilac accents, gave the room a feminine look. Many pieces of furniture are made to order, so they are most suitable for the interior.

AT studio apartment of 20 sq.m., there is, of course, not very much free space, so the authors tried to use various tricks. The most interesting is an unusual tabletop, which is a working surface and a table for a synthesizer.

The tabletop is provided by Corian and is made of artificial stone. The design is fixed above the window sill so that it is convenient to use the windows, it was changed and the frames began to open to the outside. From such receptiondesign studio of 20 sq.m. acquired additional zest and place for flower pots.

To space is small studio apartments of 20 sq.m. It became even more voluminous, the designers placed the maximum number of lamps. Spot lights on white suspended ceiling, “raises” the ceiling. Several floor lamps and hidden lights create different light scenarios.

To apartment interior 20 sq.m. It has become unique, it is not necessary to use very expensive furniture or use special accessories, it’s enough to add something that will make the room its own. In the case of this project, the owner of the apartment is a long-time fan and connoisseur of the Finnish epic. Therefore, at her request, the designer inscribed from the “Kalevalla” in the source language, on the walls. It turned out very unusual and original.

Design studio of 20 sq.m. would be incomplete, without finishing the kitchen. The interior got the same color scheme as the room, but in a more dynamic form. White is combined with lilac and complemented by photo wallpapers, which extend the space and set their own rhythm and mood in a small kitchen.

Furniture for the kitchen from the company Florence, bar stool, as in the room from Mira, the lamp Artemide Castore Sospensione. With proper planning of the place, in the kitchen there is where to place everything you need, an oven and a dishwasher fit in this kitchen.

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