Apartment design in Provence style

The usual apartment with a standard layout was altered according to the tastes of the customer. Industrial and modern styles, such as loft and high-tech, were rejected immediately, and as a result of a careful selection of the Provence style in the interior of the apartment was chosen as the preferred one.

The result was a comfortable living space, where there was a place for a separate bedroom, a comfortable kitchen-dining room, lounge area and even a full-fledged dressing room.

The design of the apartment in Provence style allows you to make it cozy, relaxed, simple, without unnecessary pretentiousness. In such a house you feel easy, you don't want to leave here. Adding some elements of country and Scandinavian styles, they added the required variety and dynamics. White color gives a feeling of spaciousness and purity.

To create a Provence style in the interior of the apartment, standard partitions were demolished, and an apartment with an unusual plan with many zones of different functionality was obtained. At the same time, the dressing room and bathroom changed their outlines.

In the corridor, not a single centimeter of space is wasted: beside the doors to the bathroom, built-in wardrobes appeared in which you can store shoes, bags, and other necessary items.

The style of Provence in the interior of the apartment is respected here too - the upper parts of the doors are glazed and decorated with a decorative layout, very characteristic of the French village.

In the dressing room there are many retractable baskets, rods, and other modern devices for conveniently storing clothes.

When creating lighting schemes for apartment design in Provence style, we tried to adhere to the principle of maximum functionality. Spotlights provide uniform lighting, chandeliers provide lighting for individual areas. Special switches make it possible to control the light from anywhere in the apartment: by turning it on in the hallway, you can turn it off from the living room, and vice versa.

The result of alterations was a bright room, full of space and air. The design of the apartment in Provence style fully utilizes all the possibilities of the area: after removing the window block, they equipped a recreation area on the balcony.

Watch the video: Interior Design  French Country Apartment Decor (December 2019).


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