Interior design of a studio apartment with a bedroom

The interior design of the studio was designed taking into account the fact that the area on which it was necessary to place everything necessary for living in coziness and comfort is relatively small. At the same time, I wanted to create a feeling of freedom, relative space, and not to clutter up housing with things.

In such cases, the most appropriate styles are minimalism and high-tech. Characteristic features of these styles: an abundance of glass, “airy” metal structures, glossy shine, help to create the impression of open space even in small rooms.

Studio with a bedroom has become such a space for the newlyweds. Here we managed to combine a modern approach to interior design with comfort and coziness for their inhabitants.

Despite the fact that the apartment is quite small, it was possible to place in it a relaxation area with a sofa, and a standard matrimonial bed, a kitchen with a bar, and at the same time a storage system of impressive volume. The interior design of the studio provides natural materials with an interesting texture.

The sofa and kitchen are from IKEA, the armchair is in the Ambient Lounge, the coffee table is made by Calligaris, and the chairs in the bar area are Erik Buch.

One of the wishes of customers was originality, even to some extent, courage in design. They wanted light, air and some extravagance.

The studio with the bedroom was redesigned in such a way that it was possible to isolate a bed at night - it is separated by a thick black curtain. Bright colors of the finish visually push the walls, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Lighting plays a special role. For a room to appear larger, it must have a lot of light. The interior design of the studio includes several light scenarios. They are involved and lamps, built into the ceiling, and LED lights, and additional lighting in the form of bedside lamps, a floor lamp, elegant hanging metal lamps.

A small studio with a bedroom is divided into two parts by the bar: living room and kitchen. From each other, they are separated by a bar, visually zoning is emphasized by the use of different flooring: in the room is laminate, and in the kitchen - gray granite. The same gray floor in the bathroom, toilet and hallway.

The game of textures is realized in a roll of smooth walls with plaster “under the concrete”. Its unusual appearance creates a bright decorative contrast and gives the room a special “zest”.


Entrance hall

View photos of the implemented project here.

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