Design of a two-bedroom apartment of 55 square meters. m

The design of a two-room apartment in the house of the P-44 series was designed for a young family, in which there is already one baby, and they are looking forward to replenishment. The owners of the apartment were lucky to a certain extent: unlike many other houses, in their house both the floors and the walls are smooth, without differences. The floors are also flat, the deviations have never reached values ​​of more than two centimeters.

The balcony was immediately decided to be redone and insulated - the standard design using aluminum does not hold heat, is blown out, and freezes over in winter.

The design of the apartment is 55 sq. M. it was not possible to use the advantages of free planning, and in order to create a modern living space, we had to resort to dismantling some walls, in particular, going out to the balcony, where the “French unit” was installed. Low ceilings also limited the imagination of designers.

Entrance area

For storing outerwear and footwear in the entrance area, a two-room apartment in the house of the P-44 series is provided with a spacious wardrobe, complete with an entresol.

In order to visually combine the rooms and thereby expand the space, the same active colors are used in the design of the hallway as in the living room, which also serves as a bedroom for the spouses.

The router and server were hidden in a closed shelf to reduce the noise load, and the electrical panel was covered with a special screen, which, in addition to the decorative function, performs a completely utilitarian one: it can store newspapers or some trifles.

Living area

The nursery in a two-room apartment is isolated from other rooms, while the living room has to simultaneously perform the functions of the conjugal bedroom. Here it was necessary to fit the cabinets for books and clothes, a chest of drawers for bed linen, a comfortable sleeping place and a study for the master of the house, without which he could not do.

Since the height of the ceilings is small, the built-in lamps and chandeliers were not used, instead they hung up ceiling lamps.

And the TV stand, and the shelf above it, like some other furniture used in the design of an apartment of 55 square meters. m., made specifically for the project according to the sketches of the designer. For example, the rack is the main element of the living room, it allocates a study in a separate area. For the working area, the rack serves as a cabinet where documents and books can be stored, and for the living room-bedroom it is a bedside table.

The main semantic load in the design of a two-room apartment in the house of series P-44 is color. On a white background, the walls are quite bright turquoise and rich brown look active, and at the same time does not cause irritation or fatigue.

Another highlight of the project is the opportunity to decorate the walls of the living room to your liking by placing photos, drawings or posters on the specially “fixed” string.

Kitchen-dining area

Against the white walls, the bright green apron stands out vividly, resembling the color of a summer meadow, and contributing 55 square meters to the flat design. See a touch of eco style.

A small kitchen room seems more spacious due to the use of glossy facades in the decoration of furniture.

It also cost the ceiling lights, and only above the table is fixed ceiling suspension, further illuminating the dining group and visually distinguishing it in a separate area.

To make the room seem more spacious, the door was removed and the kitchen and entrance areas were united in this way.


When arranging a nursery in a two-room apartment, the designers also took into account the interests of the unborn baby - they put the same wardrobes near the window, made a working area along a large window, where two people can fit simultaneously, and a wooden bunk bed to the right of the entrance.

As a result, the center of the room was free, and a bright green carpet on the floor marked the play area.

Plumbing room

In developing the design of a two-room apartment in the house of the P-44 series, it was decided to combine the bathroom with a toilet, while winning in the square.

In the resulting common space a large sink fits with a comfortable side table top, and a washing machine is hidden under it.

The combination of white and blue colors is pleasing to the eye and refreshing.

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