The interior of a city apartment of 50 square meters. m

Apartment design 50 square meters. m. made in the style of minimalism. The main task that was set for the authors of the project by the owners was to preserve the open space in the maximum possible way. Of course, here there are all the necessary functional areas, highlighted mainly visually.

Initially, the layout was free, with the exception of the bathroom, but these walls had to be moved - the area of ​​the bathroom was expanded, and the living room area was connected to the loggia.

Air and light reign in the interior of a city apartment; here there is only one fenced off zone - a bedroom. The flooring underlines the unity of space, the same in all zones is a floorboard.

The walls are painted white, the most characteristic of minimalism. The contrasting elements are the dark facades of the furniture and the wooden wall panel in the bedroom area. The bathroom is decorated with light natural tones of beige and gray in porcelain stoneware.


Minimalism in the design of an apartment of 50 square meters. m has its own characteristics: due to the use of warm natural shades of color, it becomes unusually comfortable. Natural materials in finishing, mainly wooden elements and natural stone, also make it possible to achieve a feeling of softness.

On a calm white background of the walls, columns in the kitchen area and glossy panels in the living room are actively standing out. This contrast makes the setting more dynamic. The bedroom looks very calm due to the use of dark gray tones for the walls.


Minimalism as the main direction of the design of an apartment of 50 square meters. m. involves the use of a minimum number of pieces of furniture, excluding the clutter of space. This project uses modern furniture, simple and cozy.

A large soft sofa in the living room has a fabric cover, which makes the room cozy. The kitchen area includes wooden objects - a table and high chairs in the bar area, replacing the dining area. There is a large wardrobe in the entrance area for clothes storage, a small but roomy wardrobe in the bedroom area for laundry.


When designing the interior of a city apartment, you should not use too many decorative elements - they visually split up the space and change its perception: even spacious rooms seem cramped.

In the project, the role of decorative accents is mainly assumed by the structural design elements. An additional decorative spot is a poster above the workplace with a bright red ladybug. Textile elements - transparent tulle and heavy beige curtains - add to the austere atmosphere of comfort and softness.


Lighting is of great importance in the interior of a city apartment, especially in cases where almost the entire living space is combined into one whole. There is a general main light here, but at the same time over each zone there is also its own, local lighting. This allows at the right time to get sufficient illumination of any zone, as well as visually select it from the rest.

Near the sofa for the local lighting is responsible floor lamp of strict forms, over the meal area hangs hanging from the ceiling in one line, further distinguishing zones, in the bathroom - a decorative lampshade in the shape of a ball giving a play of light and shade, and in the bedroom - a suspension playing the role bedside lamp.

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