Design one-room apartment 35 square meters. m. with a berth

The arrangement of a berth in a one-room apartment always presents a certain complexity: after all, it will not be possible to separate it from the remaining zones with capital partitions - the bedroom will lose daylight. We have to use every centimeter of space in order to fit in everything that is necessary for a person for comfort and coziness.

Designer Konstantin Entaltsev in a one-room apartment of 35 square meters. he has also equipped a bedroom in which there is a place for storage of things, and a kitchen, and a small living room. Of course, it turned out pretty narrow, but the sofa fit there.

The kitchen serves as a dining room, although you will have lunch at the bar, but two people are accommodated there quite comfortably.

A bed in a one-room apartment of 35 square meters. m. highlighted by a wall. Its decor - horizontal lines - visually expands the space and brings rhythm into the interior. The same stripes are repeated on the wall of the bedroom in which the wardrobe is built. Track luminaire lines also support the “striped” design idea. There are bands in the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom.

The color scheme of the interior is also “striped” - black and white. But to this classic combination, the designer added bright colors of textiles and a decorative triptych panel in the living room area.

Of course, the place for night rest turned out to be quite small, but large windows partially compensate for this disadvantage. Above the bed reinforced shelving. Interesting in form, they not only serve as an additional storage place, but also decorate the interior of a one-room apartment of 35 square meters. m


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