Loft style in the interior of a small studio apartment

Studio in the loft style of a small area - only 33 "squares", but it has everything you need for a young person to live. The housing cooperative in which the apartment is located is built in this very style - modern, functional and very fashionable today.

The apartment has a living room, a study and a large comfortable kitchen.

The standard reception - an open space without partitions - allowed the apartment to keep volume and airiness, but it didn’t prevent each zone from being allocated: the kitchen bar was separated from the living room by a bar counter of brick characteristic of the loft, and a chest of drawers separated it from the office, which turned into a study table.

To make the loft in the interior of a small apartment look bright and not boring, the designers filled the space with a mass of amazing things, for the manufacture of which old things were used, sometimes completely seemingly not adapted to the functions that were assigned to them.

The square room had one concrete wall and one brick, and from the outside almost the entire wall was occupied by a not-too-good window: it was at a height of less than half a meter from the floor, and under it was a battery that spoiled the whole view.

To make the loft in a small apartment light and cozy, these windows were replaced with French ones - to the floor, and for this they did not cut down the niches in the outer wall, but simply raised the floors. The appearance of the studio immediately changed for the better, besides, the batteries and sewage were hidden under the floor.

In the apartment only a bathroom is allocated with walls, for it brick walls were specially erected, to which a brick bar table was attached. To color the brick in harmony with an existing wall, it was tinted.

The main decorative accent of the studio is in the loft style - inserts of decorative tiles, resembling a patchwork quilt. These bright colorful elements cover the kitchen apron near the sink and the countertop of a homemade designer table.

The hob is built into the bar, so there is no apron near it.

On the floor laid boards, specially aged - in fact, in the loft style, the patina of antiquity is most appreciated.

The ceiling was also closed with “old” planks - they made of them false beams, between which they pulled a steel mesh. This active loft element immediately made the room stylish.

Falshbalki have a metal edging, but a new, shiny metal would spoil the impression of the loft style in a small apartment. Therefore, for the beginning, the edging was specially covered with “rust”, so that it would get the appearance of old, already used iron.

In order to distinguish between the entrance area and the cabinet, the designers painted a wooden chest of drawers, which was later ordered from the factory according to individual drawings. In this dresser there are special slots for magazines and books, and part of the dresser will serve as a workplace.

To give more softness and comfort to the loft in the interior of a small apartment, the concrete wall was covered with wallpaper. The Scottish cage complicated the space and introduced an element of warmth into it, because such a cage is characteristic of wool Scottish fabrics.

The living room in the apartment is combined with the bedroom: in the daytime, you can rest on a comfortable large sofa, and at night - lay it out in a double bed.

Located in the entrance area, the cabinet performs several important interior tasks in a loft-style studio at once.

  • First, it is a voluminous and spacious storage system.
  • Secondly, it is a fence covering the vestibule leading to the apartment. When the doors are closed, the entrance is not visible, due to which the studio seems more isolated and spacious.
  • Finally, thirdly, mirror facades visually increase the area of ​​the room and its illumination due to the fact that they reflect a huge window.

The loft in the interior of a small apartment is also beaten in the bathroom: the tile on the floor imitates the aged board, and the lighting fixtures are made by the designer from scraps of pipes.

There is a shower, a sink in the basement of the “old” tree, made in the old style, and the toilet itself.

The shower tray was not used, so as not to clutter up a small space, a sufficient slope of the floor allows you to send water directly to the drain.

In order not to violate the integrity of the loft style in a small apartment, the plumbing elevator hidden behind the toilet was also decorated: a white rectangular box was removed in an old suitcase. It looks unusual, and is very suitable to the general style of the studio.

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