How to arrange a kitchen-living room, two bedrooms and a dressing room at 44 meters?

Apartment design on 44 square meters was designed for a family with a child. Initially, the apartment did not have internal partitions, so the flight of design ideas was not limited to anything. However, for each of the family members decided to allocate their own space, albeit small, but private.

The kitchen was combined with the living room, in addition, they allocated a separate room for the matrimonial bedroom and equipped a full-fledged nursery. A spacious dressing room appeared in the entrance area, solving problems with the storage of clothes and shoes.

The main theme of the interior of a small compact apartment - geometric shapes and reliefs. It can be traced throughout the design - from the decoration of the walls to the forms of lamps. This technique unites all spaces into one, creating a common style of the apartment.

Kitchen-living room of 18.6 square meters. m

The room combines two functions: a place for receiving guests and a place for cooking and eating. Near one of the walls - soft, cozy sofas, above them - open shelves for books, suspended very unconventionally - “herringbone”.

Here you can relax and unwind, browse through magazines or chat with friends. In the “sofa zone” one wall was paneled with a pattern resembling a rhombus-laid wooden plinths.

The furniture was selected in such a way that one item performed several functions at once. Thus, the working countertop of the kitchen “concurrently” is a dining table, a small sofa, being unfolded, turns into a guest berth.

Comfortable chairs have transparent seats and thin, but durable metal legs - this solution allows you to “dissolve” them in space, creating the impression of free volume. Even the decor elements in this small compact apartment are functional: the bookcase forms a pattern resembling the pattern on the kitchen walls, the pots for green plants have a white glossy surface, and work to visually increase the volume of the room.

Bedroom 7.4 sq. M. m

The room turned out to be very compact, but it solves its main task: a married couple has the opportunity to retire. Minimalistic bedroom in the design of an apartment of 44 sq. m. includes everything you need: a bed, small cabinets and a wardrobe with mirrored doors - they help to visually increase the area of ​​a small room.

The main decorative element in the room is a wall behind the headboard, covered with panels with a relief pattern of a blueberry color. Black and white photos on the walls add graphic to the bedroom interior.

Children's room 8.4 square meters. m

For the decoration of the walls in the nursery, we chose practical wallpapers - whatever the kid painted on the wall, this can be painted over without resorting to expensive repairs. The flooring is laminated in natural oak color from Quick Step. Furniture for children white, classic form of IKEA.

Combined bathroom 3.8 square meters. m

The bathroom used porcelain tiles and tiles from the Corten-Heritage collection from Tau Ceramica, IKEA furniture.

Wardrobe room 2.4 square meters. m. + entrance hall 3.1 sq. m. m

In the entrance area, it was possible to allocate space for a dressing room, which became the main place for storing all the necessary things. Its area is only 2.4 square meters. m., but carefully thought-out filling (baskets, hangers, shoe shelves, drawers) allows you to fit here everything that a young family needs.

Designers suggested using folding chairs for receiving guests, and special hooks appeared in the dressing room - chairs can be easily fixed above the door, they practically do not take up space and are always at hand.

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