Modern design two-room apartment 52 meters for a family with two children

Design of a two-room apartment of 52 square meters. it looks simple and very functional, but it does not look dull or impersonal: skillful mixing of styles allowed us to get a very cozy, calm and at the same time fresh interior. As a basis, the designers chose the Scandinavian style, complementing it with elements of functionalism and loft. The resulting mix looks very attractive, modern and at the same time solid.


To make the apartment as comfortable as possible, the kitchen and living room were connected in a single space. The bedroom was supplemented with a small work space, and the small nursery was planned in such a way that it would be convenient for two kids at once.

The area occupied by the kitchen, slightly increased, taking space from the bedroom. To do this, we had to move the wall, which allowed us not only to expand the main room in the apartment, but also to make it more convenient: a niche for a sofa appeared in the living room, and a storage niche in the bedroom, which should be a lot in a two-room apartment for a family with two children. . The entrance area was not fenced off from the living room, in order to preserve as much open space as possible and make the entrance hall light.

Kitchen-living room of 14.4 square meters. m

The white color of the walls, characteristic of the Scandinavian style, is complemented in the interior by a sophisticated blue with green tones. Blue wooden blinds on the storage system echo the blue apron of the kitchen area, adding to the game of colors the game of textures.

Dining group chairs have a faded blue upholstery, and bright blue stripes on the Roman blinds bring a touch of nautical romance. Apartment design does not look cold, despite the abundance of blue tones. They are softened by the delicate beige shade of the sofa upholstery and the warm creamy tone of the kitchen set. Wooden unpainted table and the same legs of the chairs add home warmth.

On the floor in the living room, combined with the kitchen, laid material with unique properties - quartzvinyl. The tile from it is very resistant to abrasion, since almost 70% consists of sand, and not simple, but quartz. This tile looks as beautiful as wood, but it will last much longer.

The walls are finished with matte paint that can be washed, since the designers have planned from the very beginning that only very practical finishing materials will be used in the apartment for a family with two children.

A white brick wall came from the loft to the apartment. A sofa was placed near it, and the backlight for easy reading was built into the bulk storage system suspended above it.

It was not possible to allocate a place for a dressing room device, but instead, the designers placed spacious wardrobes in each room, as well as additional storage areas. Almost all cabinets are built-in, and reach the ceiling - so much more things will fit in them. Despite the considerable size, the cabinets do not clutter the area - decorative techniques turned them into interior decoration.

Bedroom 13 square meters. m

The finishing materials of the bedroom are ecological: the colors of nature, different shades of greenery, and a print on the wallpaper, bringing to the atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest, and even a decorative element - a white deer head above the headboard.

Bedside tables on both sides of the bed work for a common idea - these are wooden stumps, as if just brought from the forest. They both decorate the bedroom, and give it a natural charm, and do a good job with the functions of bedside tables. Another decoration - a chair. This is a replica of the designer Eames.

The bedroom is lighted by ceiling lights, and in addition there are sconces at the head of the bed. The floor is covered with wood - floorboard.

Children's room 9.5 square meters. m

An important place in a two-room apartment for a family with two children is occupied by the nursery. This is not the biggest, but perhaps the brightest room. Here, natural shades give way to rich red and blue tones. Such coloring will be pleasant both to the boy, and the girl. But even in an expressive blue-red ensemble, it was not without environmental notes: owls are pillows on the sofa, decorative paintings on the walls soften some sharpness of bright colors.

For the children, they chose fabrics from natural fibers, and laid a floorboard on the floor. The lighting of the nursery is carried out with spotlights built into the ceiling.

The design of the apartment is 52 square meters. There are plenty of storage places in all rooms, and the nursery is not an exception. In addition to the cabinet, it has a shelving, and, in addition, under the bed are large drawers that can easily be rolled out.

Bathroom 3.2 square. m. + bathroom 1 square. m

The bathroom is combined in white with sand - the perfect combination, giving rise to a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. In the small room of the toilet there was a place for a narrow, but long sink. The main part of the furniture had to be made according to the drawings of designers to order, since the dimensions of the room did not allow to select ready-made kits.

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