Stylish interior studio apartment 40 sq. M. m

Interior studio apartment 40 sq. M. m in the style of "minimalism" is different functionality, simplicity and rational use of free space. The project of the apartment was created for a young man, taking into account his wishes and preferences.

The decoration is made in light shades of brown gamma using natural wood texture and rich chocolate color. The design of the apartment attracts an interesting geometric relief of the ceiling and non-standard location of the bar.

Planning a studio apartment

Living room 15 sq. M.

The living area contains a wide sofa, which can be used as an extra bed. The placement of the television panel is chosen based on its preferred use for video games with friends. The interior of the living room is successfully complemented by a long bookshelf on the front wall.

Sleeping area of ​​5.3 square meters. m

The sleeping area with a stylish black and yellow abstraction is separated by a partition and a sliding door with frosted glass.

Kitchen and dining area of ​​10 square meters. m

The cooking area is separated by a rather wide bar counter, which is also used as a dining table. In the working area there is a corner set with contrasting facades and a white artificial stone worktop.

The furnishing of an apron with a tile of a different tone and decor with lively greens gives comfort, and a well-thought-out general and local lighting allows you to conveniently perform kitchen operations. The furniture is integrated with modern household appliances, including a washing machine.

Working area on the balcony of 3.5 square meters. m

Considering the small area of ​​the dwelling, a glazed loggia with a warm floor is used for arranging the study. Filling the zone includes a built-in countertop, ergonomic chair and shelves with books, which is quite enough for work.

Hall 5.9 square meters. m

Despite the modest size of the hallway, there is a set of furniture, including a wardrobe with storage systems and a large mirror with comfortable lighting using sconces.

Toilet room 4.1 square. m

The decoration of the functional toilet room with a shower cabin is made of ceramic tiles of different colors, which allowed creating a rich and attractive interior.

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