The design project of a three-room apartment of 66 square meters. m

Three-room apartment in the residential complex "Spassky Bridge" Krasnogorsk looks stylish and modern. Design apartment 66 sq. M. m. made in bright colors with bright accents that bring freshness to the interior. The combination of Scandinavian style, classic, laconic decor allowed to get an impressive result.

Entrance hall

A spacious enough hallway is distinguished by a variety of furniture filling, which includes a classic wardrobe and shelves of white color, a rare chest of drawers and a spacious wardrobe of a pleasant coffee-milk shade. Retro-clock, bell, light decor - intriguing additions to the interior of the hallway, which goes into an open space with several functional areas.

Living room

The living area continues the open space of the apartment. A soft sofa, wicker chairs and a rounded coffee table are complemented by a low cabinet under the TV panel. For the decor of the recreation area and giving it comfort, creative objects are used placed on the wall and shelves. The living room uses a diverse lighting with the help of directional lamps, chandeliers and a floor lamp.

Kitchen and dining room

An interesting project idea that gives it individuality is the use of shutters in the design of kitchen furniture facades.

The corner suite with a soft brown and blue color forms a working area with a hob and sink, and in the center, in the dining area, there is a dining table and chairs of refined shape. Pendant lamps provide a cozy evening lighting.


To create an unusual and original interior of the room, alternating white and blue stripes are used, moving from wall to ceiling. In a small nursery there is a bed with storage systems and a compact cabinet.

Near the window there is a working place equipped and a rack with bright elements is installed, which harmonizes with the built-in steps, and the red color in the pattern on the curtains and pillows enlivens the interior.

Toilet room

The color scheme of the interior of the room is calm, achromatic tones, but to keep the walls from looking monotonous, a combination of brighter colors used for the design of kitchen furniture is used. Sanitary facilities, including a shower cabin, and a storage system with an integrated sink are rationally placed in the toilet room.

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