Modern design of the apartment from the Polish studio "081 Architekci"

A group of Polish architects Studio 081 Architekci has developed this modern apartment design, which is located on the outskirts of Lublin. The interior is designed in simple colors with a predominance of white and local use of light wood texture.

Part of the apartment's area, which contains the kitchen, dining room and living room, has a studio layout, allowing you to get more free space. The project of the apartment is interesting because for zoning the space they used not only different floor finishes, but also detached items of multifunctional furniture.

Living area

The light and spacious living room is well lit thanks to a large panoramic window that allows you to admire the surrounding view. For evening lighting, a line of ceiling lights with a directed stream of light is used.

The visual center of the room is a combination of cabinets and book shelves, occupying the entire wall. In a niche with a wooden frame set the TV panel. For a comfortable rest is a spacious corner sofa, a dark color that matches the tone of the wall trim.

Kitchen dining room

The kitchen area is visually separated from the living room with a floor covering. Linear set, made in the style of minimalism, has a combined design: the white facades are perfectly combined with the central part of "under the tree." In furniture with an integrated hob and sink, there are a lot of accessories and products storage systems. The apron is trimmed with practical glass panels.

An interesting feature of the project is a separate wardrobe. From the entrance it is used for clothes, and from the kitchen it is used for placing a refrigerator and an oven. Such an arrangement of the piece of furniture in the apartment allowed to separate the kitchen and dining area from the hallway, as well as provide direct access to the kitchen and hide the place for lunch.

In the modern design of the apartment, the dining room is highlighted with hangers, a long dining table is set, surrounded by comfortable chairs. It adjoins the bookcase - a harmonious component of the kitchen interior due to the wood texture.


Bedroom furnishings include a bed with drawers for bedding and a built-in wardrobe. A wooden lattice with shelves at the head of the bed and light bulbs with a contrast wire give the room individuality.


The muted finish of the floor and parts of the walls of the same ceramic tiles and a large mirror visually increase the space of the bathroom.

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