Apartment design 14 square. m. - a compact solution in a modern style.

Design Studio 14 square. m. is an example of how to create a comfortable living space in a small apartment, comfortable and modern. With such an area, every centimeter is on the account, so it was decided to dismantle all the walls inside the apartment, especially since they did not carry the load, and the rules for the maintenance of housing were not prohibited. Where necessary, built new partitions.

Studio layout 14 square. m

To the right, near the entrance door, was a hallway, equipped with a shoebox and a small clothes hanger. Immediately - the front door leading to the bathroom. The kitchen area in the studio was placed directly in the hallway on the right. There is a sink, a two-burner electric stove, as well as a refrigerator and a microwave oven.

Tiny bathroom in an apartment of 14 square meters. m. designers have expanded, adding to it part of the former corridor. The wall between the corridor and the room was removed, as it prevented the placement of kitchen equipment. There used to be a door in this wall, but there is no place to open it in the new studio layout. In order that, if desired, it was possible to separate the entrance area from the residential apartment in the design of an apartment of 14 sq. m. provides a blind partition. It performs both a functional and a decorative role, giving the interior warmth and comfort.

Color solution

The design used a natural color palette that allows you to create a natural, pleasant atmosphere. A gray tint is chosen as the background, and the walls are painted with it. Warm colors of wooden surfaces are perfectly combined with delicate gray and complemented by color accents of cushions and room greenery. White color helps to refresh the interior of the studio and add air and space to it.


Since the walls in the apartment were built anew, it was decided to make them from natural bricks and paint. The brickwork in the design of the apartment looks very decorative, the coloring makes it more “homely”, an additional bonus is the lack of need for additional finishing operations. One of the side walls was laid out with artificial brick. Some of the walls of the studio were painted, and the one near the bed would be covered with wallpaper - they create volume and give the interior softness.

The ceiling in the design studio of 14 square meters. m. not quite normal: decorative plaster applied on it, slightly “aged” and as if “worn”. It echoes the brickwork of the walls, harmonizing the look of the room. Around the perimeter reinforced decorative moldings made of plastic. The entrance area and living space of the room is divided by a decorative plywood grille with a pattern carved on it. The pattern was created using a laser.


Since the total area of ​​the studio is very small, standard furniture does not fit here - it would take a lot of space. I had to design it, “fitting” in the pre-designated places. Some items combine several functions at once.

For example, a dining table and chairs next to it at night can be transformed into an extra bed - a comfortable couch. The table is turned over - a soft surface is on top - and lowered to the level of the chairs. The mechanism of such a transformation is suggested by the designer in a second-class carriage.

Apartment design 14 square. m. provides a sufficient amount of storage space for household items. First of all, it is a wardrobe with sliding doors, located in the room itself. Its width is about one and a half meters, and its height is two and a half. In addition, the sofa in the living area has a drawer in which it is convenient to store bed linen, and the space under the chairs is occupied by boxes with a beautiful design; in them you can put some of the necessary household items.


General lighting of the studio is provided by spotlights, complemented by a chandelier in the central part of the room. In addition, the kitchen area has additional lighting of the working area, and near the sofa corner of the sconce on the wall will create a cozy evening mood. Thus, there are several scenarios for lighting the living space, depending on the time of day and the mood of the apartment owners.

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