Design Studio 35 square. m. with a bedroom in a niche

Design Studio 35 square. m. created for a young family who wanted to have a bright and functional interior with a spacious living room and an isolated bedroom.

Studio layout of 35 square meters. m

Work on the project began with redevelopment. They removed the wall, which does not carry the load, and got a studio, which was divided into parts: a kitchen with a dining area, a cozy living room and a bedroom that was put into a niche. Opposite the bedroom there is a balcony. The bathroom during the redevelopment of the studio apartment did not move.

Color solution studio apartment

The cold range of colors helps to visually enlarge the space, so gray became the main one for the interior. It is complemented by turquoise with the addition of gray tones, and black has become an accent color, and helps to highlight individual objects. Interior studio 35 square meters. m turned out to be graphic and clear, it has its own character and concise expressiveness.

Kitchen-living room design

Minimalism - the main idea of ​​the design studio-apartment 35 square. The furniture has simple, clear forms, nothing superfluous - only the most necessary. The sofa in the living room was turned back to the kitchen, a TV-area was placed opposite it. As a result, the kitchen with dining area is visually isolated from the living room.

The dining group is located next to the sofa, a rectangular-shaped table with rounded edges is adjacent to the sofa back, leaving room for chairs on the opposite side. If you need to sit at the table more than two people, you can move it away from the sofa to the center of the kitchen.

The kitchen suite looks unusual: it has two rows of cabinets above the worktop, and their facades are made in contrasting colors. This is a modern and stylish solution, which makes it possible to increase the capacity of storage systems and avoid the feeling of “bulky” furniture. The kitchen apron tile forms a geometric pattern, which is also repeated in the bathroom.

Another unusual solution in the interior of the studio is 35 square meters. m. - the use of space under the window sill for storing household items. To do this, the old radiator was removed from there, replacing it with a large modern radiator located on the wall near the dining area.

Clear radiator lines fit perfectly into the geometric concept of the interior. The minimalism style in the design of the studio has a distinct Scandinavian accent, it can be seen in the colors and patterns of decorative pillows on the sofa, patterns of ceramic tiles.

Bedroom design

The apartment is a studio of 35 square meters. The bedroom is located in a niche, and is fenced off from the kitchen-living room with the help of a soft thick gray curtain. The wall at the head of a spectacular turquoise tone is decorated with decorative plaster, and the rest of the decorative accents in the design of the studio were chosen exactly by color. The ceiling in the bedroom is slightly lowered, on one side there is a curtain fastening behind it, and on the other there is an accent wall lighting.

Hallway design

The entrance of the studio is small in size and is very concisely decorated: in the part of the wall separating it from the bedroom there is a wardrobe for outerwear and shoes, the other part of the wall is occupied by a storage system opening into the bedroom. In addition, there is a small open shelf for bags, keys, gloves, and a round mirror above it.

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