Modern design of a one-room apartment: 13 best projects

Designing a one-room apartment is not an easy task for a designer. This is due to the fact that the only dwelling should perform several different functions at once - to provide an opportunity for work or study, to serve as a place for socializing, relaxing and spending the night’s sleep, and in some cases being a children's room. In addition, the footage of such apartments, as a rule, does not allow the designer to use standard solutions, it is not enough just to fence off a corner for each zone, you still need to retain the maximum sense of free space, which increases the comfort of living.

We present to your attention the most interesting design options for one-bedroom apartments. Some projects have already been implemented, others are in the final stages of design.

Interior one-room apartment 42 square. m. (studio PLANiUM)

The use of light colors in the design of the apartment allowed to create comfort in a small space and keep the feeling of spaciousness. The living room has a total of 17 sq. M. m. square, but here are located all the necessary functional areas, each of which performs several functions at once. So, the recreation area, or “sofa”, at night turns into a bedroom, a rest corner with a chair and a bookcase is easily converted into a study or playroom for a child.

The angular arrangement of the kitchen made it possible to organize the dining area, and the glass door “to the floor” leading to the loggia added light and air.

Modern design one-room apartment of 42 square meters. m. "

Design of a one-room apartment without redevelopment, 36 square meters. m. (studio Zukkini)

In this project, the bearing wall was an obstacle to changing the layout, so the designers had to act within the specified space. The living room was divided into two parts by an open rack - this simple solution is very effective in many cases, allowing visual separation of zones without cluttering the space and reducing the luminous flux.

The bed is located at the window, there is also a kind of mini-office - a small desk-bureau with a working chair. The rack performs in the sleeping part of the function of the bedside table.

In the back of the room behind the shelving, playing the role of a bookcase and a display case for souvenirs, there is a living room with a comfortable sofa and a large TV. A full-wall wardrobe allows you to store a lot of things and does not clutter up space, its mirrored doors visually double the room and increase its illumination.

The refrigerator from the kitchen was moved to the hallway, as a result, a place was made for the dining area. From the wall cabinets on one of the walls refused, so that the kitchen seemed more spacious.

View the complete project “A one-room apartment of 36 sq. M. m. "

Design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m. (studio KYD BURO)

A good project showing how convenient and taking into account all the requirements for a modern level of comfort is to equip an apartment for one or two people, without resorting to changing the original planning solution.

The main room is a living room. From the furniture in the room: a comfortable corner sofa, a large screen TV mounted on a hanging console on the opposite wall. For clothes and other necessary things provided bulk storage system. There is also a coffee table that adds completeness to the interior. At night, the living room is transformed into a bedroom - the unfolded sofa forms a comfortable place to sleep.

If necessary, the living room easily turns into a study: to do this, you must open two doors of the storage system - behind them is a tabletop, a small shelf for documents and books; the work chair extends from under the table top.

In order not to burden the space, which is already not too much, they abandoned the traditional upper row of wall-mounted shelves in the kitchen, replacing them with open shelves.

At the same time, there are even more places where you can keep kitchen utensils and supplies - the entire wall opposite the working area is occupied by a large storage system with a niche in which the sofa is embedded. Next to him is a small dining group. Rationally organized space allowed not only to keep the volume free, but also to reduce the cost of kitchen furniture.

View the project in full "Design of a one-room apartment of 40 sq. m. "

Design one-room apartment 37 square. m. (studio Geometrium)

In the project one-room apartment 37 square. m. used every square centimeter. The sofa, the armchairs and the coffee table, forming the rest corner, are raised on the podium and thus separated from the total volume. On the night from under the catwalk a sleeping place is put forward: an orthopedic mattress provides a full sleep.

The television panel, on the other hand, is built into a large storage system - its volume has made it possible to adjust the initially incorrect, too elongated shape of the room. Beneath it is a living flame covered with a bio-fireplace glass. In the box going above the storage system, the screen is hidden - it can be lowered to watch movies.

A small kitchen occupies three functional zones at once:

  1. along one of the walls is built storage system with a worktop and kitchen equipment, forming a kitchen;
  2. near the window there was a dining area consisting of a round table and four designer chairs around it;
  3. on the windowsill there is a lounge area where you can relax and have a coffee over a friendly conversation, enjoying the views from the window.

See the project in full “Modern design of a 37-room one-room apartment. m. "

Draft one-bedroom apartment with a dedicated bedroom (BRO design studio)

Even in a small “odnushka” area, you can have a separate bedroom, and you don’t need to move walls or build a space like a studio: the kitchen occupies a separate volume and is completely fenced off from the rest of the apartment.

The project provides for the location of the bedroom near a single window. It houses a standard double bed, a narrow dresser that serves as a dressing table, and one bedside table. The role of the second bedside table is performed by a low partition between the bedroom and the living room - its height allows you to save the feeling of large space and provides daylight to the entire living area.

Lilac wallpaper with an elegant pattern in harmony with the mustard color of the walls in the design of the kitchen, made in the same style as the room.

See the full project "Design project of a one-bedroom apartment with a bedroom"

Project apartment 36 square. m. (designer Julia Klyueva)

Maximum functionality and impeccable design are the main advantages of the project. The living room and the bedroom were divided visually with wooden slats: starting from the bed, they reach the ceiling and can change orientation in the same way as the shutters: in the daytime “open” and let the light in the living room, in the night - “close” and isolate the sleeping place.

The light in the living room is added by the lower lighting of the console dresser, which effectively highlights the main decorative piece of furniture: a coffee table from the slice of a huge trunk. There is a bio-fuel fireplace on the dresser, and a TV panel above it. On the contrary - a comfortable sofa.

The bedroom has a closet for dual use, it stores not only clothes, but also books. Bed linen is removed in a drawer under the bed.

Due to the angular location of the kitchen furniture and the island oven, it was possible to organize a small dining area.

See the project in full “Stylish design of a one-room apartment of 36 sq. M. m. "

The project is a corner one-room apartment of 32 square meters. m. (designer Tatyana Pichugina)

In the project of a one-room apartment, the residential volume is divided into two: private and public. This was done thanks to the angular location of the apartment, which caused the presence of two windows in the room. The use of IKEA furniture in the design has reduced the project budget. Bright textiles were used as decorative accents.

Storage system from ceiling to floor divided the bedroom and living room. From the living room in the storage system there is a niche for the TV, as well as shelves for storage. Near the wall opposite is a construction of drawers, in the center of which cushions form a cozy place to relax.

From the side of the bedroom it has an open niche, which replaces the owners bedside cabinet. Another bedside table is suspended from the wall - under it you can place a pouf to save space.

The main color in the design of a small kitchen is white, which makes it visually more spacious. The dining table is folded in order to save space. Its natural wood table top softens the strict style of decoration and makes the kitchen more comfortable.

View the project in full "Design a one-room apartment of 32 square meters. m. "

Interior of a one-room apartment in a modern style (designer Yana Lapko)

The main condition set for the designers was the preservation of the isolated position of the kitchen. Additionally, it was necessary to provide a fairly large number of storage sites. In the living area were to accommodate a bedroom, living room, dressing room and a small office for work. And all this - 36 square meters. m

The main idea of ​​the design of a one-room apartment is the separation of functional zones and their logical combination with the help of contrasting colors of the spectrum: red, white and black.

Red in design actively allocates a recreation area in the living room and an office on a loggia, logically connecting them together. The black and white elegant pattern that adorns the head of the bed is repeated in a softer color combination in the decoration of the office and the bathroom. A black wall with a TV panel and storage system visually pushes the sofa part, expanding the space.

The bedroom was placed in a niche, having built a podium - it can be used for storage.

View the project in full "Interior design studio apartment 36 sq. M. m. "

Project one-room apartment 43 square meters. m. (studio Guinea)

Having at their disposal a standard “odnushku” series 10/11/02 PIR-44 with a ceiling height of 2.57, the designers decided to use the square meters provided by them to the maximum, while doing without the redevelopment in the design of a one-room apartment.

The successful arrangement of doorways allowed us to allocate a place in the room for a separate dressing room. The partition was laid out with white decorative bricks, as was part of the adjacent wall - the brick in the design provided a place to relax with a chair and a decorative fireplace.

The sofa serving as a berth was selected with the help of wallpaper with a pattern.

A separate resting place was also organized in the kitchen, replacing two chairs in the dining area with a small sofa.

View the project in full "Design one-room apartment 43 square meters. m. "

Design apartment 38 square meters. in a typical house, KOPE series (Aiya Lisova Design studio)

The combination of white, gray and warm beige shades allowed to create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. The living room has two zones. Near the window there is a large bed, in front of which there is a TV panel on a bracket above a tall narrow chest of drawers. It can be deployed in the direction of a small seating area with a sofa and a coffee table, accented with a plain-colored beige floor carpet and located in the back of the room.

The upper part of the wall opposite the bed is decorated with a huge mirror attached to the wall on a special frame. This adds light and makes the room visually more spacious.

The corner kitchen provides many storage spaces. The combination of gray oak facades of the lower row of cabinets, white gloss of the upper and shiny surface of the glass apron adds a game of texture and brilliance.

View the project in full "Apartment design 38 sq.m. in the house of the KOPE series ”

Design one-room apartment 33 square. m. (designer Kurgaev Oleg)

The design of the apartment is decorated in a modern style - a lot of wood, natural materials, nothing superfluous - just what is needed. To separate the sleeping area from the rest of the living space, glass was used - such a partition practically does not take up space, allows you to maintain the illumination of the entire room and at the same time makes it possible to isolate the private part of the apartment from prying eyes - this is the curtain, which can be pushed.

In the decoration of an isolated kitchen, white is used as the main color; the additional color is natural light wood.

See the project in full "Design project of a one-room apartment of 33 sq. M. m. "

Studio apartment 44 square. m. with the nursery (studio PLANiUM)

A great example of how competent zoning can achieve comfortable living conditions in a limited space of a family with children.

The room is divided into two parts built with a special construction for this purpose, which hides the storage system. From the nursery’s side, it’s a wardrobe for storing clothes and toys, and from the living room that serves as a bedroom for parents — a spacious storage system for clothes and other things.

In the children's part placed the loft bed, under which is located a place for schoolchildren. The “adult part” serves as a living room during the daytime, the night sofa turns into a double bed.

See the full project “Laconic design of a one-room apartment for a family with a child”

Studio apartment 33 square. m for a family with a child (PV Design Studio)

In order to visually enlarge the room, the designer used standard tools - gloss of glossy and mirror surfaces, functional storage areas and light colors of finishing materials.

The total area was divided into three zones: nursery, parent and dining. The children's part is highlighted in a delicate greenish tone of finish. It housed the baby’s crib, a chest of drawers, he is also a changing table, and a feeding chair. In the parent zone, in addition to the bed, there is a small living room with a TV panel and a study - the windowsill was replaced with a tabletop, and a chair was placed next to it.

See the full project “Design of a small one-room apartment for a family with a child”

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