House on a cliff overlooking the ocean

House on the cliff, under which ocean waves are splashing, over which rocky ridges of mountain ridges rise upwards, must correspond to its unusual location, and make the most of the opportunities offered by such a picturesque environment.

The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: it seems to be “slipping” from the slope, clinging at different levels for uneven terrain. So that the house really did not slide down, it was necessary to strengthen the foundation with the help of powerful supports hammered into the rock.

Overview of this unusualhouses overlooking the ocean opens in different directions and amazes with its picturesqueness: lying in the bedroom, you can admire the continuous movement of the waves, sitting in the living room, overlooking the rocks on the coast.

To protect the house from possible fires, wooden parts, such as frames, were treated with a special compound, and copper panels would save not only from fire, but also from the destructive influence of salty sea winds.

Materials in this exclusive house overlooking the ocean used natural, which emphasizes its unity with the landscape. The stone steps continue the rocky path and lead to the garden, the wooden ceiling softens the hard nature of the glass walls and hides the electrical wiring beneath.

Italian furniture of noble lines looks strictly, bringing a classic touch to the interior, and the picture above the sofa serves as a bright decorative accent.

To get into the kitchen, you must go to the next level. All furniture is custom-made, the prevailing colors are white and mahogany.

Next to the kitchen is a terrace located on the very cliff. For safety, it is surrounded by a fence, but in order not to block the view, it is made of special glass.

AThouse on the cliff the doors are moved to the full width of the wall, and in good weather it seems to dissolve in the surrounding spaces, allowing you to fully enjoy life in nature. When the wind rises, reaching hurricane strength in these places, the doors close, providing peace and quiet for the inhabitants.

In the centerhome on the cliff there is a library where the whole family likes to gather. Here you can watch TV, or, glancing outside the window, watch the games of dolphins. Actually, there are no windows as such in the house, instead of them there are glass walls allowing to admire the surrounding nature without interference.

The small patio can be accessed from the library.

The most spectacular view in house overlooking the ocean opens from the master bedroom. It has all the amenities, there is a shower, and the bathroom is very unusual in design: its outer part, facing the glass wall, is also made of glass so as not to interfere with enjoying the magnificent view. Also in the bedroom there is a window overlooking the library, which can be covered with a screen for greater intimacy.


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