The design of the original arbor of unusual shape from the workshop za bor

An unusual gazebo appeared at the summer cottage in the Moscow region due to the bold imagination of the designers at the za bor workshop. Structurally, it resembles a flat spiral, half buried in the ground, and outwardly resembles both the crests of the sea waves, and the light lines of the yachts, and even the sails filled with wind.

The coils of the spiral are twisted around two separate zones: mangalna, for cooking on an open fire, and dining for friendly gatherings in pleasant company.

The whole structure is assembled from 14 flat-shaped fragments - they form the spiral “wave”. Not a single fragment repeats another, they are all unique. Neutral shades of color and the natural warm tone of larch help the original arbor to fit into the surrounding space without disturbing the harmony, and at the same time most advantageously show its unusual architecture.

The base of the gazebo is a concrete pad, laid out on the reinforcement. A part of the reinforcement is brought out and is a fastener for the building framework.

Light wood and natural ocher-brown dark tone of the flooring are wonderfully harmoniously combined with a bright green lawn laid around the new structure. The fact that for each of the zones in an unusual arbor a separate spiral coil is singled out, at the same time separates them from each other and unites them into a single compositional whole.

A large table made of natural ash can be moved apart to increase its area. Both the table and chairs are purchased at IKEA.

The lighting in both zones also differs: in the part where the brazier is located, on the ceiling of the structure, round ceiling lights are lined up in one line, giving even light and allowing you to cook comfortably even in the dark.

In the dining part of the original gazebo, two suspensions of the original shape descend to the table - a hemisphere cut off at an angle. They are metallic, painted on top with neutral white, and inside - in a bright orange color. Joyful bright color sets up a good mood and adjusts to a positive mood.

Barbecue is combined into one unit with a sink and a place to store firewood. The working surface of the block is lined with matte tiles. Sink - from an artificial stone. The base, on which the tabletop is fixed, is trimmed with decorative bricks and painted in dark color - this creates a dynamic contrast of shades. To protect the wooden walls of an unusual gazebo against the ingress of fat, a special steel screen was reinforced.

A unique architectural structure from the outside was illuminated with a directional light, placing a spotlight. It reveals complex lines and shapes, and makes it possible to fully demonstrate the originality of the structure.

The dynamics of the wave is manifested here in full - the structure seems to be moving along a green lawn, like a snow-white ship on a blue sea. Strengthens the feeling of dynamics that occurs when looking at the original gazebo, and flooring: the wave as if cuts the gray tile, moving in the kitchen area to the deck board.

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